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Analytics for WordPress v/s Integration

Analytics, it sure can give you loads of information about your website. And you possibly could take better actions and make an extra buck every minute. But before all this glory lies the trauma of finding that perfect Analytic Solution!

I know every store owner has either faced, is facing or will soon face this dilemma, so I thought of doing some research on the two highly sought after analytic plugins.

Analytics for WordPress & Integration.

Analytics for WordPress

Analytics for WordPress by Segment is the easiest way to integrate analytics and marketing tools into your WordPress site. It is said to be a great plugin to start off with your WordPress based website.

What it helps you do is…

Instead of installing each tool individually, all you do is install Segment’s WordPress plugin and use Segment to integrate third-party analytics and marketing tools. Once you’re setup, you can swap and add new analytics services with the flick of a switch! Integration Integration i.e. version 1.5 is an improved, handy plugin that comes with exciting features. Most importantly, it’s now using one of the most powerful API from i.e’s E-Commerce API for tracking important & critical events for any E-Commerce based store.

Also, apart from tracking WooCommerce events, Integration also tracks other WordPress events.

An extra treat, this latest version of Integration also provides support for Intercom Secret Mode.

So,What’s The Deal?

Analytics for WordPress is great for a beginner but when you are ready to take some specific decision, you’ll need sharp statistics that concentrates on fine details.

Heres where Integration takes the higher notch. Firstly it can track all those events which Analytics for WordPress by Segment is tracking. Additionally, it can track other important e-commerce based event, which can be critical in decision making.

Compare Features

Let’s have a look at features available in both plugins

FeaturesAnalytics for WordPress by Integration
Login Page Views
Exclude Post Type
Users to Ignore
Logged in
Track post
Track page
Track archive
Track search
Viewed Category
Viewed product
Added to cart
Removed from cart
Intercom Support
Order received
Registration form
New user registered
Logged out
Viewed account
Password changed
Address updated
Viewed cart
Coupon applied
Checkout started
Calculated shipping
Payment started
Completed purchase
Viewed order
Tracked order
File downloaded
Order cancelled
Reviewed product
Add payment method
View order
Edit account
Edit address
Lost password


Feel free to submit your feedback / suggestion for Integration using this form.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for the comparison – super useful. Could you update this as I’m reading the latest change log for the Segment official plugin on the WP Repo and it says it has WooCommerce integration.

    Is there anything your plugin offers that the official one doesn’t?

    I also posted here:


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