FAQ’s for Saved Address for WooCommerce

1. Customer wants Shipping Address same as the Billing Address?

It is enabled by default.

2. Does this plugin works with guest customers also?

No, it doesn’t. Currently it only works with registered/logged in customers. However, we may add support for guest customers in later versions.

3. Customer wants to Ship to a New Address?

If the customer does want not to ship to their saved addresses, then he can simply click ‘Ship to a new address‘ button, which will open the shipping details form. User can then fill the new shipping details and place order.

After user has successfully placed order with a new shipping address, then that new shipping address be automatically added to their saved addresses list.

4. Can customers delete their saved addresses?

Yes, customer’s can delete their saved addresses from checkout page.

5. Can customers edit their saved addresses?

No, currently customers cannot. However, we will add spuport for the same in later versions.

6. Is there any default addresses selected for the customers?

Yes, ‘Ship to billing address‘ is selected by default for the customer. They can also select different addresses from the saved addresses list.

7. What if ‘Force shipping to the customer billing address’ or ‘Disable shipping’ is set by admin in WooCommerce Settings?

In that case, saved addresses fields will not be available to customers.