Smart Manager

Bulk manage products, variations, customers, orders, coupons and more in 10x faster spreadsheet view. Stress free bulk update, export, advanced search and a lot more. Our Best Selling product.

Manage your WooCommerce store 10x faster

Batch manage products, variations, customers, orders, coupons and more in easy spreadsheet interface.
Stress free bulk update, export, advanced search and a lot more.

Beat sucky, tiring, daily grind…

Are you tried managing your store?

As you grow your business, you’ll get sucked into day to day chaos.Tasks like adding, updating and managing products, variations and inventory can be tiresome and extremely time consuming. And if you have more than a handful products, you may need to hire an assistant just to keep your WooCommerce store up to date.

Then there are those times when someone makes a mistake and correcting each item drains your motivation and direction.

Didn’t you wish there was an easier way to set up sale prices and schedules across a bunch of products?

And a faster way to look at all your orders, customers or coupons?

And a better way to bulk update names, prices, categories…

As a matter of fact, wouldn’t you like a better way to manage WooCommerce and WordPress?

A smarter way to manage WooCommerce stores!!

Smart Manager is the easiest and most powerful solution for WooCommerce store management. It’s familiar spreadsheet view, search and batch update will save you hours of repetitive work.

Smart Manager products dashboard

The most fluid interaction design

Ever used Microsoft Excel? Or similar? Yes? 🙂 Then you’ll feel at home with Smart Manager in a couple of minutes.

The most fluid interaction design - smart manager for woocommerce

🔥 Instant Batch Update – our million dollar USP! 🔥

Whether you have a 100 product store or 100,000 – you can batch update everything at once – quick and easy!

WooCommerce Bulk Batch Update Products Orders Customers Meta Fields Attributes Variations with Smart Manager

Our groundbreaking batch update technology is so good, it will make you dance! 💃🏻🕺

Fastest way to find anything in WooCommerce

You know what product you want to update, but it takes long time to locate anything within WooCommerce..

We’ve built an intuitive and powerful search system for Smart Manager. Find items by any custom parameter – or switch to simple, single field search.

And of course, you can sort columns, show or hide columns of your choice, skip showing variations…

Whatever your workflow, Smart Manager lets you quickly reach the item you need!

Locate any WooCommerce product, customer or order within seconds

Solution for all these routine tasks…

Running a million dollar business, or just getting started.. If you are spending your time on chores, your business is already sinking.

And only a man that wants to drown sends away the rescue party! Stop swimming against the tide.
Save yourself!

Here are the most common tasks people like you accomplish using Smart Manager – with ease and peace!

  • Bulk update product prices, categories and inventory
  • View and manage variations of a product
  • Look up orders and customers quickly
  • Set – and revert – sale prices for promotions
  • Export store data to CSV file
  • Add custom meta field values
  • Quickly change discount rules for many coupons at once
  • Change product image for all products in a category
  • Set SEO, customer reviews, subscription and other properties
  • Change customer’s email address – as well as other details
  • View customer’s lifetime value, last order date and contact details
  • And a lot more…

Saving 100 hours for you – that’s my mission

We’ve designed Smart Manager to blaze through daily store administration tasks. Most customers generate return on their investment in just a few minutes of using Smart Manager.I am committed to save 100 hours for you and help you focus on growing your business.

– Tarun, Lead Developer, Smart Manager


Launch the live demo     – try before you buy

Bonus: Not just WooCommerce, manage any custom post type in WordPress!

We are taking Smart Manager beyond WooCommerce! Now you can view and manage any blog post, page or custom post type in WordPress with Smart Manager.

Manage any WordPress content with Smart Manager

This capability is in beta. But when you buy Smart Manager today, you will get it – both while in beta and once we roll out the final version.

Cool, right?

People love Smart Manager!!

Genius. Awesome. Groundbreaking. Will save 100s of hours. – That’s what our customers say.

We have over 6000 individual lines on our site and this has saved us huge amounts of time.
Batch update works flawlessly which is a massive time saver.
If you need to change all of your prices on the entire site by a % or value, you can with a couple of clicks! We made an update to Tax class on all products in less than 3 minutes.
The CSV export tool too worked flawlessly; all 6000 odd lines neatly exported in one attempt, no missing or corrupt data.
Kevin Goodchild, Colmworth Electronics

What do you want to do??
Stay tangled in store management or focus on business growth??

I’m sure Smart Manager will create huge value for you, your team and your business.

So go ahead, pick up your license and get instant access to Smart Manager.

Easily manage your entire WooCommerce store with Smart Manager


= 3.9.18 =
* New: Fastest access to documentation in admin panel through Quick Help widget (Pro)
* Fix: Inline edit for coupon 'Discount Type' not working (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Customer 'Last Order Date' doing string sort (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Handling 'Private' & 'Scheduled' post statuses for any post type (Beta)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.17 =
* Update: PHP 7.0 compatibility
* Fix: Rounding of decimals when using 'Increase By %' and 'Decrease By %'
* Fix: Sale price not getting displayed on site when updated using Smart Manager (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Inline edit of coupon fields like 'individual use' not working properly (WooCommerce)
* Fix: 'Virtual' & 'Downloadable' tags getting removed when updating using Smart Manager (Lite) (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Removed debug warnings
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.16 =
* Update: Tested with latest versions of WordPress, WPeC & WooCommerce (v2.6 or greater)
* Update: New columns 'Details' & 'Order Total Excluding Tax' added to Orders CSV export (WooCommerce)
* Update: POT file
* Fix: Upgrade file - Unnecessary calls for latest update on every background process
* Fix: Compatibility issue with 'Yoast SEO Premium' plugin (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Product url breaking when duplicating products using Smart Manager (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Serialized data not getting updated properly using Batch Update (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Removed debug warnings
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.15 =
* New: View & Manage Product Type (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Advanced Search related fixes (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Stock Status not getting updated for variations on updation of inventory (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Conflict with Gravity Forms Editor (WooCommerce) (Beta)
* Fix: Smart Manager Beta Link not working in some cases (WooCommerce) (Beta)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.14 =
* New: View & Manage Privately Published products (WooCommerce)
* Update: Improved advanced search for categories to show all child categories on search of parent category (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Search for blank values for product attributes and categories using advanced search (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Advanced search returnning blank results after deleting conditions (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Decimal values not appearing for custom fields having numeric values (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Order notes not getting updated (WPeC)
* Fix: Important security fixes
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.13 =
* New: Inline editing for customer provided order notes (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Variation names showing double commas in some cases (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Last Order Date not getting displayed in customers dashboard (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Inline editing of billing and shipping address not working (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Order status not getting saved properly (WooCommerce) (Beta)
* Fix: Removed debug warnings
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.12 =
* Fix: Product Inventory getting updated on update of any field (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Product prices and other fields not getting displayed in some cases (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Search for blank values using advanced search (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Batch Update blank values for serialized data (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Inline edit multilevel categories (WooCommerce) (Beta)
* Fix: CSS issue for social links on WP plugins page
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.11 =
* Update: Compatibility with latest versions of WordPress & WooCommerce
* Fix: Advanced Search not working properly when searching with attribute (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.10 =
* Update: Updated the text domains for multilingual compatibility
* Fix: Custom field data type detection not working properly (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Compatibility issue with 'Mail Poet' plugin (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.9 =
* Fix: Product variation inventory getting updated (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Manage stock getting enabled on edit of any field from Smart Manager (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Unable to show/hide columns (WooCommerce) (Beta)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.8 =
* Update: Compatibility with latest versions of WordPress, WPeC & WooCommerce (v2.4 or greater)
* Update: Manage products in 'pending review' status in addition to 'publish' and 'draft' statuses
* Fix: Manage product custom fields with special characters (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Manage custom order statuses (WooCommerce) (Beta)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.7 =
* Fix: Important security fixes
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.6 =
* New: Support for sort functionality on the entire database of records (Beta)
* Fix: Search functionality displaying never ending loading for Orders Dashboard in some cases (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.5 =
* New: Smart Manager Revamp (Beta)
* Fix: Prevent display of variations of products whose product type has been changed (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.4 =
* Fix: Batch update for the text type attributes not working (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Customm meta_keys with special characters not getting displayed (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Product thumbnail breaking and not displaying (WooCommerce)
* Fix: 'product-slug' getting updated on inline editing (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.3 =
* New: Updated WordPress Media Library for inline editing of featured images
* Update: Compatibility with latest versions of WordPress, WPeC & WooCommerce (v2.3 or greater)
* Update: Improvements in rendering product custom fields from WordPress postmeta table according to datatype (WooCommerce)
* Fix: 'Total Sales' column showing '0' for variations (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.2 =
* New: Batch Update entire search result
* Update: Compatibility with latest versions of WordPress, WPeC & WooCommerce (v2.2 or greater)
* Fix: Weights not getting saved (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Fixes related to advanced and simple search (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Fixes related batch update of custom fields (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9.1 =
* New: Simple & Advanced Search Switch for Products Dashboard
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.9 =
* New: Support for display, batch update, export and search of custom fields for Products Dashboard (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Issue related to mysql object being used
* Fix: In some cases, products dashboard not getting loaded (WPeC)
* Fix: Issue of Increase and Decrease by % in batch update (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.8 =
* New: Advanced Search functionality for Products Dashboard (WPeC)
* Update: Performance related improvements in products loading (WPeC)
* Update: Compatibility with latest versions of WordPress, WPeC & WooCommerce
* Update: 'Used for variations' checkbox will not get checked by default on add attribute (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Pagination not working for advanced search results (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Autocomplete not working for values in advanced search box (WooCommerce)
* Fix: 'Shipping Method' not getting exported (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Removed major WP-Debug Warnings
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.7.1 =
* Fix: "Parse error: syntax error"
* Fix: Some minor fixes related to advanced search functionality (WooCommerce)

= 3.7 =
* New: Advanced Search functionality for Products Dashboard (WooCommerce)
* Update: Performance related improvements in products loading and batch update functionality (WooCommerce)
* Update: Compatibility with latest versions of WordPress & WooCommerce
* Fix: Shipping Method not getting displayed in Orders Dashboard (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Set to Regular Price and Set to Sales Price batch update options not working (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.6.2 =
* Fix: Removed major WP-Debug Warnings
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.6.1 =
* Update: Compatibility with latest versions of WooCommerce & WPeC
* Fix: Attributes not getting displayed properly (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Coupons not getting displayed in coupons dashboard (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Unexpected Token
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.6 =
* Update: Compatibility with latest versions of WordPress & WooCommerce (2.1 or greater)
* Update: Updation of stock status on updation of stock (WooCommerce) 
* Fix: Upload images functionality of Wysija Newsletter not working when Smart Manager is active
* Fix: Some minor fixes
* New: Included translation files for Romania German (Austria)

= 3.5.4 =
* Update: Compatibility with latest versions of WordPress & WooCommerce
* Fix: Export CSV of Orders not working with large data (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Removed all the WP-Debug Warnings (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.5.3 =
* Fix: Resolved 'Sale Price From and To Date not getting enabled for Simple Products' issue

= 3.5.2 =
* Fix: Resolved 'Duplication of the Product Not Successful' issue
* Update: Some minor fixes

= 3.5.1 =
* Fix: Resolved inline editing not working issue
* Update: Some minor fixes

= 3.5 =
* New: Coupons Dashboard (WooCommerce)
* New: Included translation files for Romania (Thanks to Balanean Corneliu)
* Update: Some minor fixes

= 3.4.1 =
* Update: Attributes column to show only product specific attributes (WooCommerce)
* Update: Option to handle decimal precision for dimension fields
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.4 =
* New: Attributes Column in Products Module (WooCommerce)
* New: Compatibility with woocommerce-sequential-order-numbers-pro plugin (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Resolved issue with welcome-email-editor & wpMandrill plugin
* Fix: Resolved issue with WP HTTP Compression plugin
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.3 =
* Update: Provision to add store logo in 'Print Order' functionality
* Update: Support for attribute handling of text type in Batch Update (WooCommerce)
* Update: More features in Lite version - inline editing for up to 3 rows at a time, search
* Update: Compatibility with latest versions of WordPress, WPeC & WooCommerce
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.2 =
* New: Smart Date combobox will give option to filter orders based on Today, yesterday, this week, last week & so on...
* New: Print Invoice feature for WooCommerce Orders (also available for Bulk)
* Update: Compatibility with latest version of WPeC & WooCommerce
* Fix: Some minor fixes

= 3.1.4 =
* Update: Compatibility with WP e-Commerce 3.8.10
* Update: Compatibility with Woocommerce 2.0.9
* Fix: Sales Price not getting set to blank (WooCommerce)
* Fix: 'Coupons Used' column not showing data in the Orders Module (WooCommerce)
* Fix: 'Unexpected Error' with PHP 5.4 (WPeC)

= 3.1.3 =
* Fix: Featured image of WooCommerce not working
* Fix: Message 'WP e-Commerce not activated' even if it was activated
* Fix: Duplicate data in packing slip (WPeC)
* Fix: Batch Update not working in some scenarios (Woocommerce)

= 3.1.2 =
* Fix: "Syntax Error: Unexpected token )"

= 3.1 =
* New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.0+
* New: Support for Grouped products
* New: Image Batch Update Functionality
* New: Create/post support ticket from plugin 
* Update: Minor update in auto-update process
* Update: Compatible with 'WP_DEBUG' enabled mode
* Fix: Other minor fixes (rounding of prices, order handling for different time-zones)

= 3.0 =
* New: Additional columns (discounts, taxes, coupon codes, order notes etc.) introduced in Order's dashboard (WooCommerce)
* New: Included above fields in CSV export (Woocommerce)
* Update: Storing the state of Smart Manager into the database instead of cookies - enabling same view from anywhere
* Update: Can set price and sales price to blank using batch update
* Update: Smart Manager's Plugin URI
* Update: Compatibility for PHP 5.4
* Update: Additional information about products in exported orders list (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Add attribute changing the product type (WooCommerce)
* Fix: 'Visible on the product page' and 'Used for variations' for attributes getting unchecked on save (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Duplicate action in Batch update, when increasing price and Sales price
* Fix: Product Image not getting updated when using WordPress 3.5
* Fix: TextBox appearing in batch update window while assigning the products to some categories
* Fix: Search for variation works in few cases only (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Fixes related to attribute management.

= 2.9 =
* New: Feature to set "Regular Price equal to Sale Price" & vice-versa in Batch Update
* New: Progress Bar for Batch Update
* Update: Retain values in Batch Update window after Batch Update
* Update: Stay on the same page of records list after Batch Update
* Update: Improved search functionality for Products (WooCommerce)
* Update: Removed the Description and Additional Description columns in Products
* Fix: Scrollbar not appearing from 2nd page onwards in Smart Manager editor grid
* Fix: Variations getting displayed even if the parent product got deleted
* Fix: Message not appearing in the confirm dialog box for deletion of products
* Fix: Batch Update not working for products added from Smart Manager (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Encoding of special characters while saving
* Fix: Batch Printing not working (WPeC)
* Fix: Price Updation through Inline Editing & Batch Update (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Customer List not showing all customers

= 2.8 =
* New: Feature to Duplicate Products
* Update: Additional column to display & export Phone Number from Orders dashboard
* Fix: Handling ISO 8859-1 Symbols ( for e.g. symbol for Registered & TradeMark )
* Fix: Products & Orders list empty
* Fix: Product details: Deletion of Product & Batch Update for Post Status not working (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Order details: Deletion of Order & Batch Update for Order Status not working (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Exported file for Orders doesn't contain SKU for simple products (WPeC)
* Fix: Customer details: Incorrect count for Total Orders in filtered result

= 2.7.2 =
* Fixed: "Remote Connection Error" message on admin pages of WordPress

= 2.7.1 =
* Updated: Massive speed boost for loading 1000s of customers & orders (up by more than 99%) (WPeC)
* Fixed: Price not showing in Smart Manager (WPeC)
* Fixed: Updation of Price & Sale Price (WooCommerce)
* Fixed: Auto-loading of records after Batch update (WooCommerce)
* Fixed: Small fixes like - comma between variation's term name & extra space between categories (WooCommerce)

= 2.7 =
* Updated: Massive speed boost for stores with 1000s of products
* Updated: Improved product search. Can enclose keywords in double quotes for exact match now
* Added: SKU in Orders export CSV
* Added: Portuguese Brazilian translations
* Added: 'Visibility' & 'Tax Status' fields in Products dashboard, with inline editing & Batch update (WooCommerce)
* Added: 'Total No. of Orders' & 'Total Purchased' fields in Customers dashboard
* Updated: Customers dashboard, will now display customers list based on WordPress User ID if available
* Fixed: Auto-update from Network Admin in WordPress Multisite
* Fixed: Incorrect creation & removal of Product variation (WPeC)
* Fixed: "Batch Update not Successful" when batch updating price (WPeC)
* Fixed: Price Not Updating using inline editing (WooCommerce)
* Fixed: Batch Update->Category: 'Add To' & 'Remove From' not working (WooCommerce)

= 2.6 =
* Added: Multilingual support for Danish & French languages
* Updated: "Batch Update" of Customers & Orders for WPec - added extra field for region
* Updated: Un-wanted changes in products when updating from Smart Manager
* Updated: Automatic update of Smart Manager in WordPress Multisite
* Updated: Reduced number of request to Database
* Fixed: Smart Manager creation & removal of variation in WPeC
* Fixed: Batch Updation of Country & Region in Customer & Order dashboard
* Fixed: Publish date set to current date in WPeC
* Fixed: Export CSV showing PHP Warnings
* Fixed: Export CSV exporting thumbnail's URL instead of original image's URL

= 2.5 =
* Added: Support for "Attribute Management" for WooCommerce
* Added: Support for adding product variation for WPeC
* Added: Search using multiple keywords
* Updated: Export CSV
* Updated: Displaying "Please wait..." message when loading & unloading variation
* Updated: Showing default image thumbnail instead of actual image
* Fixed: Smart Manager shows price as zero by default
* Fixed: Publish date set to current date

= 2.4 =
* Fixed: Customers & Orders list showing only 100 records ( WooCommerce )
* Fixed: 'Export CSV' not exporting values containing comma
* Fixed: Export CSV not working in PHP versions below 5.3
* Added: Can filter products list based on attribute names for WooCommerce
* Updated: Added 'Site Title' in the name of Exported CSV file
* Fixed: State restore - Smart Manager will open the dashboard you left it on
* Fixed: Order detail permission issue in WPeC 3.8.8
* Updated: Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons will now be always visible in popup windows (Product Edit / Billing Details / Image Management)
* Updated: Enabled Inline Editing of product names for WPeC
* Updated: Product Description & Additional Description text fields now grow with content
* Updated: Added SKU field in Packing Slip for WPeC
* Updated: Disabled "Edit Link" for product variation for WPeC & WooCommerce
* Updated: Only those postmeta will be updated whose value is greater than 0
* Updated: Smart Manager License Key setting & displaying messages for WordPress Multisite

= 2.3 =
* New: "Export CSV" support for WooCommerce 1.4+ and WP e-Commerce 3.7+
* Fix: Update & Batch Update of Price & Sale Price
* Fix: Products not displaying for WP e-Commerce 3.7
* Fix: Deletion of product variation from WooCommerce
* Updated: Disabled fields not required for product variation for WooCommerce
* Updated: Hide product variation whose parent product is not a variable product
* Updated: Changed inline editable field in LITE version

= 2.2 =
* New: Product Variation support for WooCommerce 1.4+
* Fix: Minor fix for retrieving License Key for WordPress Multisite
* Fix: Hide variations in Smart Manager, if parent product is deleted
* Fix: Better security by preventing SQL injection
* Fix: Minor fix for loading products using page navigation
* Updated: "Search Text Field" trigger time changed from half second to one second
* Updated: Show product variations while searching for category

= 2.1 =
* Fixed: Asking to install WooCommerce when WooCommerce is already installed
* Updated: Smart Manager for WooCommerce 1.4.3
* New: Manage Image Thumbnail of Products & its Variations for WPeC 3.8
* New: Manage Image Thumbnail of Products for WooCommerce 1.4.3
* New: Show Product Image Thumbnail for WPeC 3.7
* Updated: Automatic upgrade for WordPress Multisite
* Updated: License Key setting for WordPress Multisite
* Fixed: Incomplete change in Order Status when changing it using Smart Manager in WooCommerce

= 2.0 =
* New: All important fields of 'Customers' & 'Orders' for WooCommerce are now editable inline
* New: 'Batch Update' on 'Customers' & 'Orders' for WooCommerce
* Fixed: MySQL error in case of WP e-Commerce 3.7
* New: Smart Manager Access Control for WP e-Commerce 3.7
* Updated: Any modified value will be saved before 'Batch Update' for WP e-Commerce 3.7 & 3.8 both
* Updated: Position of Notification that comes after any updation or deletion

= 1.9.1 =
* New: Access Privileges - give controlled access to non Admin users in WordPress
* Fixed: Problems accessing Settings page
* Updated: Improved auto upgrade process

= 1.9 =
* New: View customers and orders for WooCommerce from Smart Manager
* Fixed: Clicking on Settings / Register gave permission error

= 1.8 =
* New: Product batch update can now update the entire store - not just selected items
* New: (beta) Support for Woo Commerce product management
* New: Can search on product's SKU too now
* New: Added "please wait" notification for batch update
* Fixed: Minor compatibility issues with PHP 5.3
* Misc improvements and fixes 

= 1.7 =
* New: Batch Invoice / Packing Slips Printing
* New: All popup windows are now collapsible and have better shadow effect ;-)
* Fixed: Grid jumped to first page on saving records
* Fixed: Product search not showing any results in certain cases

= 1.6 =
* Fixed: Customer's Dashboard not showing correct Billing States.
* Fixed: "Response is not in a proper format" error.
* Fixed: Add Product button remained enabled in Lite Version.
* Fixed: Whenever the grid page is loaded everytime store loading occurred twice.

= 1.5 =
* NEW: Performance optimization for large number of records.
* Change: State / Region from Customers / Orders can be updated only via Batch Update now.
* Fixed: Issues in updating customers and orders.
* Fixed: Product weight units did not match with WPeC product edit window.

= 1.4 =
* NEW: Search, view, modify and delete variations of Products (paid versions only, requires WPeC 3.8+).
* NEW: Batch Update on variations of Products (paid versions only, requires WPeC 3.8+).
* Fixed: Upgrade problems with previous version 

= 1.3 =
* NEW: Smart Manager now remembers changes you made to grid columns, edit product window dimensions and selected dashboard
* NEW: Batch Update on Variations price and weight for WPeC version 3.7
* Fixed: Products Dashboard empty issue

= 1.2 =
* Fixed: Batch update on "Quantity Limited" did not work
* Fixed: Publish / Unpublish not working
* Fixed: Orders / Customers Dashboard blank screen issues
* Fixed: Table Rate Pricing lost issue
* Product weights are now converted to Pounds to match WPeC standard

= 1.1 =
* Fixed: An issue with Category batch update
* Fixed: Search was not working correctly with more than 100 products
* Fixed: Compatibility issue with Internet Explorer

= 1.0 =
* NEW: Batch Update for Categories in Products now available for WPeC 3.8 also
* Fixed: Problem with loading Products

= 0.9 =
* NEW: Auto upgrade feature for Pro version added
* Fixed: products not loading in some cases
* Optimizations for large number of products
* Misc other fixes and optimizations

= 0.8 =
* NEW: WPeC 3.8 compatible release

= 0.7.4 =
* Fixed: blank grid if you had more than 100 products

= 0.7.3 =
* Products Dashboard: added Description & Additional Description fields to the grid
* Products Dashboard: added Flat rate shipping options - Local & International Shipping Fee, Height, Weight, Length and their Units
* Products Dashboard: added Disregard Shipping field to the grid
* Products Dashboard: added Local and International Shipping Fee in Batch Update
* Products Dashboard: can now search for all products with quantity limited by typing "-1" in search field
* Shifted Shipping Details from Customer Dashboard to Orders Dashboard
* NOTE: Most of these new fields are not visible in the grid by default. Click on downward arrow in a column heading -> Columns and then select columns you want to show.
* Fixed a problem that did not show Order detail popup in some installations
* Fixed an issue with moving around Edit column in the grid
* Fixed issues with Country and State comboboxes in Customers and Orders dashboards
* Added global error handler to show a description of JS errors if any - this will help debug blank page situations
* Added "Need Help?" link

= 0.7.2 =
* Fixed a bug with customers batch update

= 0.7.1 =
* Fixed a problem with order amounts being rounded unnecessarily
* Fixed: error with no products in database
* Enhanced JS and CSS loading mechanism
* Added notification messages for no customers / no orders
* Shipping phone number renamed to Phone number
* Fixed an issue with batch update along with new product additions

= 0.7.0 =
* Added Customers dashboard - view, search, (In Pro: inline editing and batch update)
* In Pro: Total Purchased and Last Order details
* If switching dashboards with pending changes, you will now be notified if you want
  to save before switching.
* Misc optimizations and usability improvements  

= 0.6.2 =
* Fixed a critical bug that prevented product list to load

= 0.6.1 =
* Product batch update broke in last version - fixed
* If system did not have any orders, Order dashboard did not work - fixed
* Made Orders grid sortable
* On first load "product list is empty" showed up - fixed
* Other minor fixes and code cleanups

= 0.6.0 =
* Order Management features added - search, navigate, inline editing
* Product dashboard now allows editing name and price in Lite version
* Can search on product names within an order / session id
* Filter orders by date range
* Batch update order status, notes and track id
* Add order notes / track id right from the grid view
* See order details without leaving the page
* Bring up product editing screen of WPeC without leaving the page
* Alert messages replaced with slide down notifications
* Improved search performance 
* Added Facebook like button. We would love to get your likes! ;-)

= 0.5.7 =
* Fixed a problem which caused blank screen on Smart Manager page
* Showing 100 items at once instead of 25 now

= 0.5.6 =
* Code reorganization
* Lite version release
* Added product logo and lite / pro indicator text in heading

= 0.5.5 =
* Special character handling added
* Category drop down now resets correctly in Batch Update
* Removed extraneous debugging code

= 0.5.4 =
* Added Product Variations Price and Weight change support
* Saving changed items on search / navigation
* Improved notification messages for better clarity    
= 0.5.3 =
* First public release
* Product administration features

Smart Manager
Includes one year support and upgrades.
Subsequent years at half price.
  • Personal (1 site)  $149.00
  • Professional (5 sites) $299.00  $179.00
  • Agency (25 sites) $599.00  $399.00

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