WooCommerce Marketing Bundle

Smart Offers, Buy Now, Custom Thank You Pages and invaluable marketing / sales page resources at unbelievable price.

Make more money using automated marketing

Free yourself from the repetitive and frustrating tasks of nudging every customer.
Grow sales and convert more customers using powerful sales funnel and instant checkout.

We know marketing is difficult

tired doing repetitive marketing tasks?

You worry about sales. You want to get more customers and also retain the old ones.

But more than that, your concern is growing competition. To beat that, you try various marketing activities.

You run more promotions, offers to increase sales and acquire new customers. And expect them to perform well. Sadly, they don’t.

Face yourself. You can’t monitor and manage every task all the time.

You are here to scale your business and manage your time better. And not waste it on repetitive and stressful activities.

You need a solution that speeds up your marketing tasks and lures customers as and when required.

Something that’s on a roll. Set it up and let the money coming in.

That’s what WooCommerce Marketing Bundle gives you.

3 best WooCommerce marketing plugins + 6 bonus marketing tools

WooCommerce Marketing Bundle gives you the much needed tools to increase sales, lower cart abandonment and improve customer purchase experience drastically.

Smart Offers

9+ type of offers, 1-click upsells, sales funnel, targeting rules

Smart Offers lets you set triggers that run on autopilot to encourage customers buy more and more. Coupled with powerful targeting rules, Smart Offers takes your marketing game to the next level.

Smart Offers in action

Just set your offer and Smart Offers will take care of the rest.

WooCommerce Buy Now

One-click checkout, instant payment, reduced abandonments

WooCommerce Buy Now smartly collects all the customer details the very first time the customer buys a product on your store. Thereafter, once a customer clicks on the Buy Now button, he is directly taken to checkout. No time waste at all.

You can enable Buy Now storewide or individual products. One-click payment works with Stripe, Braintree and Authorize.net.

Custom Thank You Page

Build relationship, grow list, sell more

Custom Thank You Page prevents your customers from reaching the dead-end. The default WooCommerce pages is plain and boring. The customer struggles to find the next step. Custom Thank You Page shows an impressive message showing gratitude and redirects customers to the page you wish without annoying them.

Better performing custom thank you pages for WooCommerce

Your bait to fetch in more sales

  • Show testimonials from other happy customers to nudge customers buy more.
  • Give away something for FREE – since they completed a purchase or give a discount coupon or store credit to encourage next purchase.
  • Show upsells and cross sells (plugin Smart Offers needed for this).
  • Show product recommendations to increase sales – aka “You may like these too”. Show their Recently Viewed Products to continue buying more.
  • Show a newsletter subscription form to join your mailing list.
  • Grow social media fans with like / share button

and many more…

Your Thank You page is a goldmine. Optimize it for customer success, take away concerns and grow sales.

6 bonus marketing tools & resources

Along with the three plugins, you also get the best tools to create highly engaging content and convert potential leads to customers!

Save minimum $800

All the plugins + bonus tools & resources price comes to $1077 for a single site license.

But you are getting it at just $199

What can be the better deal than this?

License Actual Price Discounted Price
Single Site $1077 $199
Upto 5 Sites $1177 $299
Upto 25 Sites $1477 $499

So…Earn more money quickly or less money slowly?

If you want to keep your WooCommerce store as it is and see sales coming after months or years, you can do that.

Or if you want to boost your marketing efforts and see more money in your bank account within a month and that too frequently, you can do that too. (using WooCommerce Marketing Bundle)

Choice is yours!

WooCommerce Marketing Bundle
Includes one year support and upgrades.
Subsequent years at half price.
  • Personal (1 site)  $199.00
  • Professional (5 sites)  $299.00
  • Agency (25 sites)  $499.00

Supported by real developers

Yes, you will get support from the same guys who develop these plugins! We want to make sure you succeed!

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