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StoreApps adds three more products to its portfolio

Jenny told us – “I couldn’t find your WooCommerce plugins related to coupons and payment gateways on CodeCanyon”. It’s showing ‘Item no longer available’. What happened? How to get those plugins now?”

Not just Jenny; Michael, Pete and others too had the same question.

So, let me put an end to all your queries.

We moved our plugins

Our below mentioned WooCommerce plugins were available earlier on CodeCanyon:

  • Coupons By Location – Restricts coupons by customer’s billing or shipping country, state, city, zip, pin code or postal code.
  • Coupon Message – Shows a custom coupon message after user applies a coupon – discount coupons, offers, content link, etc.
  • Gateways By Location – Restricts available gateways by customer’s billing or shipping country during checkout.

But now, we have moved these plugins as follows:

Why we moved our plugins?

There’s always a reason for doing something big and doing this is also one.
We wanted users to have all things in one place and not scattered.

Though Smart Coupons is an all-in-one solution, we wanted to amp up its game. We wanted to make it more feature rich for the users.

Now, restricting coupons by location and showing custom coupon message was something which was missing from Smart Coupons but available separately.

So, why not add it up to Smart Coupons and make it more flexible so that users get all their required features at one place.

That’s the reason we merged Coupons By Location and Coupon Message into Smart Coupons.

Get 3 plugins at the price of 1

Btw…both these plugins cost around $50 and Smart Coupons $99.

But the good news is at $99, you’ll get Smart Coupons in addition with both the plugins as a BONUS.

You are saving a whopping $50…OR you are getting two plugins absolutely FREE! Isn’t it great?

What about my previous data?

All your previous data like coupon codes, restrictions, etc. you had set earlier in Coupons By Location, Coupon Message and Gateways By Location will be preserved and available within respective new plugins.

Also, do not worry about support

You can expect reliable and fast support always for all our plugins.

Get Smart Coupons Get Payment Gateways By Location

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