Hi there! Pleasure to meet you.
I’m Nirav Mehta, StoreApps founder.

StoreApps was built to provide users:

  • Best & quality WooCommerce plugins
  • Awesome content and sales growing tips
  • Quick support from real people

Here’s who we are..

StoreApps boats of a team of young and talented people who specialise in making, improving and developing WooCommerce plugins for your online store.


[From left: Tarun, Mansi, Ratnakar, Nishit, Akash]

We began our journey in 2010 and it has been a fascinating one till date. We launched our first WooCommerce extension called Smart Manager – that helps store owners manage their inventory and increase productivity 10X. In no time, it became our best selling product and continues to be.

As of today, StoreApps has…

  • 25+ WooCommerce plugins
  • 38,500+ WooCommerce & WordPress users
  • 4.5 star ratings & customer reviews

Our other solutions to help your business grow

  • Putler: All-in-one ecommerce analytics solution and reporting solution for your online business.
  • Icegram: Most loved WordPress plugins to build your list, nurture your tribe and realize your dreams.
  • WPMeta: A new way to discover WordPress plugins; their reviews, comparison with peers, etc.

Got questions / suggestions? Need any help?

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