StoreApps has a strong track record of 8+ years building WooCommerce plugins. 250,000+ people trust us with their online stores and we’re committed to building and supporting tools that help you sell more, wow your customers, save time and be more productive.

Nirav Mehta - StoreApps founderMy name is Nirav Mehta, and I founded StoreApps in the year 2010.

Our first plugin was Smart Manager for WP eCommerce. WooCommerce wasn’t even born then, and WP eCommerce was the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Smart Manager got popular quickly because it saved hours of mundane work for people. Price updates, inventory changes, product entry… you could do it all from a simple spreadsheet-like interface.

So yes, we pioneered the spreadsheet / table / grid like approach for content management within WordPress. We even added handy batch update features to change many attributes and fields at once.

When WooCommerce arrived, we quickly ported Smart Manager to WooCommerce, became official extension developer partner for and kept expanding our product portfolio.

Our focus was and is always on growing sales and making store administration more enjoyable. Store Owners are our main customers and we want to deliver what’s most important to them.

That’s why they love us!

Support from knowledgable developers

Our product development team also does customer support. We believe we’d understand customers better if developers and product managers are involved in customer support. This gets you better quality support.

(Sure, this strategy can delay support responses at times when we’re busy pushing a lot of product improvements.. But we try to give necessary bandwidth to support at all times…)

StoreApps team is on your side
Ratnakar, Tarun, Mansi (L to R) – expect to hear from real developers when you contact us!

So why haven’t you heard of us before?

A number of possible reasons!

  • We’ve not done outbound marketing / ads / aggressive promotions.
  • We’re a small team, we’ve prioritized product improvements over customer expansion.
  • Could even be our brand name – as “App Stores” became popular, “StoreApps” lost search engine rankings!
  • I’m sure there are other reasons. Do reach out to us if you think you can help us market ourselves better!

Let’s talk!

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