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Plug and play to increase your average cart value

Roman Cassanas

Activate the plugin and watch it increase the average cart value of your shop! I’ve tried some other “frequently bought together” plugins and each time it was complicated to set up. StoreApps FBT (Frequently Bought Together) plugin is plug and play, and when you don’t have a lot of time to set up each product or when you have lots of products it’s a relief!

Roman Cassanas

Smart Offers upsells is a win for us and our customers

We use the Smart Offers plugin to upsell and encourage our customers to get a larger supply of our hair growth mask. Rather than getting a one-month trial box which wouldn’t necessarily be sufficient, our customers now get a two-months supply that is long enough to see the results! So it’s a win-win for us and our customers.

Laura Sagen

Smart Offers bring me extra 10% revenue each month

I was looking to include some upsell plugin in my eCommerce store and Smart Offers show many possibilities how to handle upsell. Looking back it was a great decision since we have now many options on how to set up product discounts and sales. The best thing about Smart Offers is variability in setup conditions. We can do offers based on products in the cart, the total cost of the cart, etc. Looking forward to trying new combinations for specific customer offers. Thank you!

Pavol Červenka

The Bulk Variations Manager plugin is amazing

Yardena Epstein

The Bulk Variations Manager (BVM) plugin is amazing and just what I was looking for!! I was not interested in creating 200+ variations manually especially because the variation prices are constantly changing and I needed a systematic way to easily create or change variations. Also, the support at StoreApps was great! I had an issue and they worked with me until it was solved. I highly recommend the plugin!!

Yardena Epstein

Custom Thank You page is a good plugin

I searched for many plugins, but every time there were too many options without a very simple and clear one, that is having just a thank you page created by me, without any predefined layout. This is where the Custom Thank You page by StoreApps solved everything.

Marcello Chiapponi

Highly recommended Custom Thank You Page For WooCommerce plugin

I develop websites for large companies, and I’ve found CUSTOM THANK YOU PAGE FOR WOOCOMMERCE to be a great addition to the sites. It adds a level of professionalism, elegance, and even courtesy to the customer on my client’s sites. The price is right, and the developer is responsive. Highly recommended.

Smart Offers does one-click and bundle offers nicely

So far very impressed with Smart Offers. We moved everything from Shopify to WooCommerce for better flexibility and one-click upsells and bundle offers was important for us, which is where Smart Offers has come in and fulfilled those gaps nicely. Not to mention we now save thousands of dollars per year by not being on Shopify with their crazy high premium apps. Smart Offers is priced perfectly to make it an easy yes for all eCommerce businesses.

Mitch Asser

Great plugin and A+ support

Mansi helped with me a few issues I was having with setting up Smart Offers. She was extremely patient and explained things very well and clearly, so I was able to set up my client’s store perfectly. I could not have done it without her help! A+ customer service.

Sheena Lee

Easy to use and best plugin

Cyprian Mengich

StoreApps WooCommerce Serial Key plugin saved me a lot of headaches in finding a licensing solution. After doing extensive research, this plugin came out on top in ease of use, features it offers, and controls to the admin.

Cyprian Mengich

Using StoreApps’ Serial Key we have created the cheapest WooCommerce based software store

The big thing in the WordPress ecosystem is the lack of support. Having had months of issues with a plugin from another website, and no support from them, we scrapped that. We went for WooCommerce, selecting the Serial Key plug-in because of the support we received pre-purchase. Post-purchase, to fix one of our issues, the StoreApps people suggested a Skype call to see what was happening. What a difference compared to so many other plugin providers. Using StoreApps’ Serial Key system we have created the cheapest WooCommerce based software store, supported by a real software company 😊. Thank you so much!

Jan Wijninckx (Yan Vaynings)

Excellent plugin and easy to integrate

Cyprian Mengich

StoreApps WooCommerce Renewals is an excellent plugin, that provides customers a simple, convenient method of renewing products. Easy to integrate as well.

Cyprian Mengich

Good plugin and support

WooCommerce Serial Key is a good plugin. Thank you Mansi from StoreApps! I appreciate your promptness, knowledge, help, and support!

Yoni Shechter

Brilliant plugin and highly recommend

The Smart Manager is a brilliant plugin and works faultlessly. Thank you for producing a great plugin that really saves time.

Richard Hacker

Simple to use, a must-have if you sell online courses

I recently made the switch to WooCommerce from another E-com provider and my number one need was the ability to assign serial keys (passcodes) for our courses automatically and immediately when customers buy one of our courses. The StoreApps Serial Keys plugin does just that. Simple to use and straightforward setup; and support is great too. I love the fact that customers can easily access their serial keys in their my account page if they misplace the Thank You email. Great plugin, a must-have if you sell online courses.

Steve Riley,

Perfect Smart Manager

The Smart Manager plugin is the best and it works like a charm! It’s the most useful plugin for the prices and the stock, the best choice!!

Grigoris Sfakianos

Smart Offers pays for itself and increases average order value

Anne Walsh

Smart Offers pays for itself in a short period of time. We have been using it for over a year and find it great for upsells and cross-sells increasing our average order value. It is really easy to use and customize, all you have to do is populate the fields with the product on offer, ready-made rules, and where you want it to show, it couldn’t be simpler. It shows the conversion and earnings for each offer so you can see what works for your customers. Customer support is really helpful, answering any questions clearly and promptly.

Anne Walsh

WooCommerce Serial Key, the easiest licensing API to integrate

Michael E. Ramsey

I’m so happy with StoreApps WooCommerce Serial Key I have been fighting with various other licensing API’s free and paid this one was the easiest one to integrate. Took me a whole 5 minutes to code the validation in Python for my desktop app.

Michael E. Ramsey

Bulk Variation Manager saved me hours of work given the large number of variations

First, thanks Ratnakar for all the help making some useful modifications to Bulk Variations Manager. I look forward to some of the future updates. Your support has been greatly appreciated.

Bulk Variation Manager saved me hours of work given a large number of variations, often up to 60 variations per item, I had in my client’s online clothing store. Also, your tutorials were very helpful but it’s important that people do have experience with WooCommerce regarding setting up variations.

I would say that there is one issue that needs to be addressed regarding BVM. I believe you need to have a way to ORDER the Attributes terms in BVM. For example, I have hundreds of colors that need to be in alphabetical order. Also, I have sizes that need to be ordered as well. This is the ONLY weakness I found with your product. Once this is addressed I would give BVM a perfect 5 stars.

I highly recommend anyone having to work with multiple variations getting Bulk Variation Manager. You will not regret it.

Gregory Landry

Highly Recommend Smart Offers and StoreApps support


I’ve tried several ways of doing upsells in a variety of systems (including Infusionsoft, Clickfunnels, LeadPages, and other Wordpress plugins). I think I may have finally found the one in Smart Offers that I will use going forward for any WooCommerce setups. What’s made this especially nice to use is that Mansi with StoreApps has offered me incredible support. In getting the Smart Offers plugin to do what we wanted it to do, we had some challenges. But Mansi has been great in offering support via email, and when I didn’t quite understand what was being said via email, we scheduled a time to jump on a screen share call and go through everything. It only took 5 minutes, and we have upsell offers working the way we want now (which is quite a custom implementation of the features offered).
Highly customizable, and getting support from Mansi (if you need it) is highly recommended.

Jonathan Kraft

Bulk Variations Manager saved us hours of work and in the end, it works perfectly for large set ups of variations for our products

We have a balloon printing website where you can choose a single ink color up to 11 ink colors to print with. You can choose 1 sided print or print on both sides as well as 12 different balloon colors you can choose from. WordPress and WooCommerce allow you to create variations but by the time we’re done the number of options for the customer to choose from, and then having the choice of 4 different size balloons we’re looking at over 2,000 variations per single product!

Finding Bulk Variations Manager has been truly the most helpful thing in building out our website. At first, we ran into issues with getting Bulk Variations Manager to create all of the different variations we needed, but working with their support staff to find my issues in my WordPress configuration, we are finally up and running! They were kind enough to do a remote session to work on our local computer where we are creating the site, found issues preventing Bulk Variations Manager from finishing and spending quite a while to find how to fix it and to run tests so our product build-outs complete successfully. We would never have been able to finish this website without this product and without their help in getting everything in my WordPress configuration set up correctly. I would give them a hug if I could. Thank you again!

Brett Polakowski

Smart Offers is well worth the investment

My company was looking for a plug-in for our website to add an upsell pop-up. After reviewing a couple of different plug-ins, we chose Smart Offers from StoreApps and are happy we did. We purchased 1-year for $99 and in that year, our pop-ups have grossed over $20K!! It was well worth the investment. So now we upgraded to the Lifetime plan.

Seth Reynolds

Express Login works well & great support

Great support I receive from you guys and Express Login plugin works well as I expected.


Genius contribution to create high number of variations in WooCommerce

My client carries business cards with high variations that result in 2000 combinations of variation for each product. It was literally impossible to use all variations on the website without Bulk Variation Manager Plugin! I appreciate StoreApps Genius team contribution to that.

The support team is very thoughtful and considerate. Ratnakar, a very friendly member of the team, was working remotely with me after their working hours to help me solve my problem.

Mona Salehi
Freelance Web developer

Works well & great support

Great support I receive from you guys and Custom Thank You Pages For WooCommerce plugin works well as I expected.

Zal Hazmie
Designer @ Website Malaya

Lots of Variations? – Must Have Plugin – Bulk Variations Manager

My Company was started in 2009 and has grown over the years. Using WordPress/WooCommerce I built the website. The one issue I had is that, being ‘Custom Made’ products I needed to give my customers lots of options/variations. Some products having over 1500 variations/combinations. Within WooCommerce, although allowing the regular price to be set, all additional attributes/prices had to be added manually. As you can imagine this took hours to add each combination with its own price for each product. I then found the Bulk Variations Manager WordPress plugin by StoreApps which allows you to set the regular price, add an additional price for each attribute and at the click of a button all the prices for variations/combinations are calculated automatically. This saves hours and hours of work.

After using the plugin Bulk Variations Manager for a few years it suddenly stopped working. I contacted Support and they were very patient with me and realized how important this plugin was to the smooth running of my website and allowing me to add new products. After trial and error, it was found that certain settings needed to be upgraded in PHP, particularly the php_max_vars_input setting. It is now working brilliantly and it is much faster than previously when you add variations from all attributes.

Thank you to the team at StoreApps for helping to ensure Bulk Variations Manager is now working smoothly and I really don’t know how I could continue with my business without it.

Jenny Read

The Smart Offers plugin has been amazing for our store

The Smart Offers plugin has been amazing for our store. The margins on our big items aren’t great so it’s vital that we upsell effectively. Smart Offers makes it easy to create a fully custom offer to do exactly that. It just took a few minutes for me to build the offer and we converted it with our first order after installation. It’s been working perfectly. I’ll definitely be looking at other StoreApps plugins in the future!

Christian Sculthorp

First place to look when searching for WordPress solutions

As a web designer, I’m always looking for ways to keep Woocommerce effective for users. I’ve found StoreApps to be super helpful, and their plugins use clear and dynamic interfaces that help me actually save time. In my opinion, It’s the first place to look when searching for WordPress solutions.

Scott Andersen


Ratnakar has helped with multiple issues that I was facing.

He made completion of my product possible.

Conor Tomkins

Great plugin to increase your profits & very helpful support if needed

We use Smart Offers on our online learning platform. Its the only plugin with all the functionality needed to upsell your customers effectively. For example, the offer presentation is fully customizable, you can create if/then funnels and prices can be set independent of the original price. – The support is great and highly individual. We had an issue with our server integration, and got great support from the team, resolving the issue quickly and professionally. Highly recommend if you are looking for a top notch upsell plugin!

Tobias C. Meier

Top notch plugins & support

The StoreApps plugin and support are top notch. Great response time and a great product.

Jay A

Great Support

Useful plugin & great support

Emile Verhijden

Highly Customizable To Meet A Wide Set Of Needs

We are incredibly happy with WooCommerce Smart Coupons from StoreApps. The plugin is highly customizable to meet a wide set of needs. It is very easy for users to purchase gift cards and use coupons and does not add unnecessary bloat to WooCommerce. The StoreApps team is incredibly helpful as well. They go above and beyond to support the plugin even when theme authors do not. I could not be more pleased!


I recommend Buy Now to all WooCommerce stores!

Buy Now has enabled me to streamline my checkout process by skipping the cart and letting me send promotional emails that direct customers right to the checkout page with the correct products and coupons added. I definitely recommend it!

Testimonial for the support :
Support for all of my StoreApps products have been phenomenal! I’ve been a customer for over 2 years now and their plugins have been cared for and updated throughout all of Woocommerce’s changes and evolutions. When I see a plugin I need from StoreApps, I don’t hesitate to buy it because I know there’s a great development and support team that stands behind the product.

Chris Ching

Smart Offers increased my sales overnight

Smart Offers is a Game Changer

Smart Offers is the most effective WooCommerce sales-funnel I’ve ever tried!
It’s amazing how easy it is to create advance sales funnels that motivate customers to purchase more and more. Different sets of conditions and types of rules lead to impressive results. The outcome is almost unbelievable!

Razvan Popescu

Very happy with Smart Offers

I’ve been using Smart Offers for more than 4 months so far and we’re so pleased with the results that we’re getting. It has many features, which allowed us to split test between different pages & placements to test out new offers. I really hope you guys will continue to develop the plugin and making it even better.

Wish you all the best!

Kiril Kirilov

A must have plugin for your WooCommerce store

For me and our business, the Buy Now plugin for WooCommerce is ideal. Check out is fast as it skips a step and it’s simple to setup.
Only wrote to support once but received a reply quickly and the matter was resolved.

For anyone using WooCommerce, this plugin is a definite must have.


Smart Offers Is A Smart Choice

We are very pleased with Smart Offers. The upsells created from this little plugin have brought in additional revenue we would not otherwise have enjoyed. Mansi from support has been very professional and responsive. Thank you.

Vincent Miele

Highly Recommend Smart Offers

I highly recommend the Smart Offers app! It’s very easy to use and has features you can’t find in any other plugin for upsells and down sales. I sell both physical and digital (membership products). Upselling and down selling a digital good like a membership in a store that sells “physical goods” can be difficult but StoreApp’ Smart Offers plugin makes it easy!

The support I received was very quick, very professional and far above average i.e. in one word – AWESOME. Mansi was very nice and helped me get the plugin working with my bundled products quickly.


Danna Rossi

A perfect plugin for our customers

Express Login for WordPress is a perfect plugin which we needed for our customers. I had one issue in the beginning and support took care of updating the plugin within the first day. I appreciate your help!

Christina Mulholland

Saved me hours upon hours of time in creating products and variations

I’ve been using Bulk Variations Manager for the past year and a half and it’s saved me hours upon hours of time in creating products and variations for my shop. In the few times that I’ve run into problems, Ratnakar responded very quickly and was always willing to go the extra distance required to get things up and running again. I would recommend the BVM plugin without hesitation. Thanks!

Linda McClure

Really fast generating multiple attributes and variations in few seconds

We bought Bulk Variations Manager for our client who sells highly customizable ergonomic chairs. The plugin was really fast generating the multiple attributes and variations for these chairs. Additionally the StoreApps support was great as there was some compatibilty issue between the plugin and our database configuration. The staff at StoreApps quickly found a work around. I highly recommend this plugin if you need to manage products with multiple attributes and variations. Bulk Variation Manager generated 200+ variations in a few seconds.

Diana Bergholz

Working with the support for the Smart Offers app has been very easy

Working with the support for the Smart Offers app has been very easy. As a developer, it makes my job easier to work with developers like Ratnakar who are open to making plugin modifications to solve customer issues. Thank you.


Recommended for anyone wanting to sell complex variable products on WooCommerce

If you’re selling shirts with a few different colours and sizes, WooCommerce’s variations feature will be fine, but we’re selling PCs with a list of attributes that results in over 12,000 possible combinations. We had to do a bit of tweaking to our web server’s memory limits, but the Bulk Variations Manager has enabled us to create and maintain as many combinations as we want and apply different attributes to different products. We would recommend this plugin to anyone wanting to sell complex variable products on WooCommerce.

Russell Hurren

Customer happiness is a priority here

I had a specific use case for Smart Offers and an issue with the plugin was revealed while implementing the offer. After contacting support I received outstanding customer service from Mansi and the issue was resolved. Based on this experience I can say that these guys are really doing their best to create value for their customers.

Jari Juslén

StoreApps has great plugins

Great support and thank you for your team, all products working perfect for many years!

Lin Chung

Smart Offers helped us increase our sales

I love your Smart Offers plugin… It has definitely helped increase our sales! And your customer support is great also. I had a question about a feature, and Mansi responded back to me quickly and helped me out. Keep up the great work!

Derek Litchfield

Create profitable offers using Smart Offers

StoreApps support was fast and really helpful. Thanks to them, using Smart Offers, I managed to create profitable offers to my customers and already saw the positive impact on my business. Thank you ++

Gary Assoun, from Paris, France

Our customers love Offer Your Price

Thanks for your help, the support was quick and fruitful. Our customers our loving Offer Your Price plugin!

Cameron Eckelberry

Smart Manager & Smart Offers are great tools

We use StoreApps Smart Offers and Smart Manager as part of our e-commerce set up and they are great tools to have! Smart Offers makes it very easy to create custom up-sells for virtually any scenario our Marketing dept. can come up with. The folks in Customer Service find the Smart Manager plugin to be a big help when it comes to tracking orders. StoreApps customer support is great about getting back to us with any issues that may come up. That’s always a huge plus when it comes to WordPress plugins and StoreApps definitely delivers!

Jennifer Nickerson

Smart Offers fits Marketing Needs

Smart Offers is a great plugin that fits perfectly to our marketing needs. Support was very helpful with good communications which is very important when buying plugins. We are satisfied with our purchase. Thanks!

Francisco Cabrera

Doubles Conversions Instantly

StoreApps has the best plugin – Smart Offers – to implement your sales funnel. It’s pricey but there’s nothing as effective as it in WooCommerce. Highly recommended.

Naadira Burk

2 years and Smart Offers is still the best

I’ve been using Smart Offers for over two years now. A great products that works like a charm, and whenever there is any problems with the plugin, the fast and friendly support fixes everything in a heartbeat.

Jesse Huisman

Smart Offers is great for boosting Sales

Thanks for all your help getting Smart Offers to work exactly like I wanted it to with our new WooCommerce store… Smart Offers is a great product (plugin) that should really boost our sales… Thanks for taking the time to help us be successful.

Rob Lucier

Superior support for Smart Offers

I just wanted to thank you folks at StoreApps again for their superior support with the issues surrounding getting Smart Offers to work with my website. We were able to get to the bottom of it through many emails and testing attempts! Many thanks!

Rob Curran

Smart Offers is great

Thank you very much, the information from you was very helpful. Your fast replying, accurate and precise guide definitely helped us decide to buy the plugin.

Veljko Simovic

WooCommerce Bulk Variations Manager is an Awesome plugin

WooCommerce Bulk Variations Manager is an awesome plugin! I highly recommend it to anybody who has over 50 variations per product. Originally my copy of the plugin didn’t work, but the Store Apps support is
amazing and they had the problem fixed within a week and now it works awesome!

Toby Dudenhofer

Speeded up time it takes to manage inventory

I have been using Smart Manager on my online store for the past few months and it has speeded up the time it takes to update and manage our stock inventory. When I needed support with the update of the plugin your response time was excellent and my issue was resolved within 24 hours. I couldn’t ask for more.

Danny Carter

Great Help & Service

StoreApps developers provided great help & service. After not being able to solve the problem by myself, they offered to login to our site and check personally. They did a very clean and quick job, solving the problem  within a few hours.

Laszlo Biro, Hungary

Smart Coupons Is Awesome

Smart Coupons is awesome. Their team went above and beyond to help solve a problem specific to my site. They are The Best Solution For WooCommerce Gift Cards and flexible coupons that I’ve come across.

Jordan Lejuwaan
CEO, RaveNectar

Bulk Variations Manager – Wonderful Plugin, Huge Time Saver

We were able to import multiple product attributes on hundreds of products at once and in a matter of minutes. When we had questions, support responded in less than 24 hours in a very kind and helpful way. We definitely recommend this plugin as it just works and it does what is says it does 🙂 Big thanks to the people behind this team!

Paul Portelli

Smart Offers Is Infinitely Customizable

I’m very excited about all of the possibilities that the Smart Offers plugin offers for my client websites. All of the options make it infinitely customizable and the support is terrific!

Ilana Rosenblum Guttman

Smart Offers – Outstanding Product


Outstanding product with outstanding service, you NEED this on your site

Kaevon Khoozani

Smart Offers, truly amazing!!!

I just have to say that I’m very pleased with SmartOffer and their customer care is outstanding! I needed a feature added to their product (Accept & Show Another Offer) and their team set all that up in their update and that was truly amazing! Thank you SmartOffer!

Bersabeh Baghaee (Bear)

Smart Offers takes upsells, downsells, cross-sells, and anything sells to the next level

Lee Whitworth

I have used Smart Offers on a couple client sites now. Have been pleased with the level of services and features offered by this WooCommerce extension. Smart Offers takes upsells, downsells, cross-sells, and anything sells to the next level and I would strongly recommend it for any WooCommerce shop.

Lee Whitworth

Great App for my E-commerce Store

Smart Offers is a great app for my e-commerce store. I highly recommend it as a way to offer upsells, cross-sells and downsells in the checkout process. It is easy to setup and customize to get running in no time, but also has powerful functionality so that you can direct its behavior exactly as you desire. Customer support is top notch! They respond quickly and listen to product feedback from customers. Mansi, in particular, helped me out a great deal and really took the time to scrutinize my offer processes and helped me correct some errors I was making in the implementation of my offers. An overall great plugin and customer support to back it up.


Awesome Work, Wonderful Assistance

First of all “Smart Offers” is a great plugin and an awesome work, and I would like to thank you for all your wonderful assistance, efforts and support to resolve the issue for us. We love your plugins, since we are more into WooCommerce based websites it was always and really helpful on our projects.

Craig Kuehner


Quite often when buying plugins for your website you find out that they do not work quite the way you were expecting. That is why good support is important, and that is certainly what you get with Store Apps. Recommended!!


Murray Price

Happy with the support

Hello and good day from Switzerland. I will only say that i am very happy with the support. The guy was helping me very fast and processional.5***** for the great support

Carsten Mascher

CHOOSE Store Apps, and make your dream come TRUE!

“Be SMART! Without smart MANAGER is your project nothing Make all CHANGE in a second! You need change 1 ot 1000 product? The numbers is from NOW not impotant. You have only 1 choice! CHOOSE Store Apps, and make your dream come TRUE! Sorry for mistakes, i am just human .Great Work Guys


Looks great!

Looks great! Nice upgrade. Keep it up… I like the direction it’s going!

Aaron Wolpoff
Co-Founder – Saxony Creative Group

Fast & effectively

We have over 6000 individual lines on our site and this has saved us huge amounts of time.
Batch update works flawlessly which is a massive time saver , if you need to change all of your prices on the entire site by a % or value, you can with a couple of clicks! We made an update to Tax class on all products in less than 3 minutes.
The CSV export tool actually works unlike some I have tried, all 6000 odd lines neatly exported in one attempt. No missing or corrupt data.

What would be great if they could include an import tool.

The interface is simple much like a spreadsheet which allows for faster editing, instead of click edit…load… in relevant box & make changes click update……save……
We had a little problem which was sorted out fast & effectively.


What I saw in Smart Manager blew me away.

Every time I updated products in WP eCommerce, I wished there was a better way. The wait time between each page reload killed me. But damn, what I saw in Smart Manager blew me away. This thing was easy, quick and it just worked!

Shawn Hunter

What a great product this is

I should have also mentioned what a great product this is. The pro version is definitely going to be worth it when I’m ready for it

Barbara Schendel

Very well done

I find it extremely useful and very well done.


Great job on the GUI and functionality

Just bought the plugin and started playing with it. Great job on the GUI and functionality. It is really obvious that the product went through many phases of quality control and it really is a pleasure to use 🙂

Jackson Klein

Can easily create thousands of variations during few minutes


The support we have received from Store Apps has been outstanding.

We faced an issue with creating a huge amount of variations using their “Bulk Variations Manager” plugin. They offered us to look through our administrations settings and they send several detailed instructions with screen shots etc. Together we solved the issue and we couldn’t have asked for a better support. The “Bulk Variations Manager” plugin is by the way, a fantastic addition to WooCommerce and we can easily create thousands of variations during few minutes

Kevin Peter Gade

Cool stuff

Cool stuff we will use this on the next project!

Vishay Singh

Smart Manager has everything you need and more.

It is rare that I find a really good plugin that does everything that I am looking for but Smart Manager for Woocommerce is exactly that. If you are looking for a bulk product management system, look no further. Smart Manager has everything you need and more.As to the support, I am not sure if “outstanding” is enough of a compliment. Not only do they respond super fast but they were able to add a major function for me in a matter of hours. I was absolutely amazed. Keep up the great work guys.


‘FANATICAL’ customer support

When buying any plugin from the internet, I always look out for good customer support because I’m not a technical computer guy. But Rupali from Smart Offers tops it up with ‘FANATICAL’ customer support. Every single problem I encountered was replied on the same day and when I get really lost with setting up smart offers, she would literally help me out step by step. Even volunteering to do it for me when I gave up. Every single plugin out in the marketplace should have customer support guys like Rupali. She’s a lifesaver! Thanks!

Urbannakmuay Official Website

Daily price updates takes just a couple of minutes now

With a hundred products needing frequent updates of price change and regular customers,Smart Manager is a boon for us. Daily price updates takes just a couple of minutes now. We are able to batch print invoices with lightning speed. Most importantly, the plugin author helped us tweak the plugin to suit our requirements taking away the huge burden of making changes in hundreds of invoices.


I would happily pay five times for this product!

What really sold me on this was Batch Update. My assistant does not have to do any complex math now (earlier, I always feared she would make a mistake)! With Smart Manager, she has more free time at hand, hence I asked her to set up auto responder emails for our customers. The response was phenomenal. Our repeat sales were up by 19.5%. I would happily pay five times for this product!

Jeff Smith

This seems like a real time saver

Seems like a very interesting feature so I bought it and have used it for a couple of operations. I have now put sale price on all Christmas products and it is fast. I have also removed a category from over 50 products in one operation. Really fast. This seems like a real time saver 🙂


Genius Add-on

Just bought this Genius Add-on…it’s going to save me hundreds of hours a year…

Magnús Eggertsson


Great, looks nice!

Roy Ho
WP e-Commerce Resident Expert

Keep up the great work!

Great looking plugin! 😀 I would recommend your plugin to my customers and readers. Keep up the great work!

Michael Visser
Visser Labs – WP eCommerce Developer

A legend

Store Apps Support is a legend, thank you very much for your help and advise. You have been great and were very helpful. Thank you!


100% confident

The support operator was extremely helpful, help me find what i was looking for straight away.
Great demo of the products, answered all my technical questions perfectly.
I am now 100% confident in Store Apps products after testing the demos.
The plugins work very well and most importantly “User Friendly
Just wish I had known about you sooner for other projects.

Jon Siddall

Answered all my questions

My experience on was very satisfying. Live support answered all my questions and helped choose the best plugin to suit my needs. Their plugins are full of functions and I think there’s something for everyone. Thanks!


helped me get it back up

I needed help with the functionality of the Buy Now plugin and Tarun got back to me quickly to help me get it back up and running with no problems. Thanks!

Alan Cordero

Fantastic, quick, helpful support

Fantastic, quick, helpful support from StoreApps when I discovered a conflict with another plugin. Thanks for your help guys, and thank you for creating this great plugin (Smart Offers), which just gets better and better. 5 stars

Andrew Gadsden


I just took a look at Smart Manager and it looks way awesome!

Matt Jones
Store Front Themes

Incredible Resource – Bulk Variations Manager

Connie Muller

I have found Ratnakar at Storeapps an incredible helpful resource. I wasstruggling with complex Woocommerce variations which he trialed and tested and showed me step by step with graphics. I will most definitely be purchasing the Bulk Variations Manager Plugin. It is not often that you find both an excellent product AND superb customer service. I can recommend them to anyone

Connie Muller

Smart Offers saved me from purchasing a $70 a month sales funnel option

Smart Offers is a great product with even better support. Smart Offers saved me from purchasing a $70 a month sales funnel option for my web site! Keep up the great work!

Joe Decker

Manage all possibilities of “make an offer” system

We are looking for a plugin that can manage all possibilities of “make an offer” system and the Store Apps solution are on the right way, as well they have a great online support, very kind and efficient

Leandro De Aguiar

Must Have!

It is a must-have for huge and complex stores. My client loves it 🙂

Alessio Di Bartolo

That is so awesome!

Zac Folk

We appreciate your generosity and it will do a lot to help us help the kids we work with.

Zac Folk