Affiliate Landing Pages

Promotion without referral links or coupons

Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin enables you to create and assign custom landing pages to each affiliate. They can use these affiliate landing pages to promote your products or services without their referral link or coupon.

affiliate landing page example

Simplify customers’ shopping experience

Never miss any sale and commission

People prefer transparency about where they’re being directed. They hover on the link to check if the link is suspicious with long, complex URLs full of random characters.

Some people simply avoid clicking on affiliate links altogether because they’re aware that someone will earn a commission if they buy something.

An ignored link is a missed sale for you and a missed commission for the affiliate.

So use Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin to create custom affiliate landing pages and provide them to affiliates for your brand promotion.

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How to assign landing pages to affiliates

Install and activate the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin. Enable the ‘Affiliate landing pages’ option in the Settings. Use the WordPress editor to add product recommendations, images, videos, text, icons, CTAs to the page. Full freedom to design landing pages using any theme or page builder.

Assign any post/page/product as landing page

Referral tracking stores cookies in the visitor’s browser when someone visits an affiliate’s landing page, facilitating accurate referral tracking.

The cookies follow the setting Credit first/last affiliate, so the cookies will be set accordingly if the customer visits different affiliates’ landing pages.

A meta box titled ‘Affiliate Landing Page’ will be visible when you add or edit any post, page, and product.

Within this meta box, you can assign a landing page to an affiliate. Find an affiliate by their name, username, or email, select the affiliate and update your changes.

You can also use the default merge tags on the landing page to display the affiliate’s information.

Refer to this affiliate landing pages doc for more details.

assign landing page to affiliate
different landing pages to affiliate based on use case

Assign multiple landing pages for each affiliate

Each affiliate can have multiple landing pages assigned.

You can view any affiliate’s landing pages by navigating to each affiliate’s Profile tab.

For examples, the landing page URLs can be different for different use cases for your affiliate John for website:

  • For an existing product –
  • For promotion via blog post –
  • For promotion via a page –

Affiliates finding their landing pages in My Account

Affiliates can see all landing pages assigned to them from their My Account > Profile section.

When affiliates click on any landing page URL, it will be instantly copied to their clipboard. They can then share it anywhere to begin promoting it.

affiliate landing pages in my account

Manage everything from one place

No technical jargons, no switching to multiple dashboards. Whether it’s tracking referrals, setting up flexible commission plans, launching marketing campaigns, or processing payouts, do it all from a single screen using the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin.

Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin dashboard


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