Buy Now Link Structure

A sample Buy Now Link will look something like this:,22&qty=2,1&coupon=50_percent_cart&ship-via=flat_rate&page=104&with-cart=0

The above WooCommerce Buy Now link structure explained:

  • buy-now=37,22 – 37 & 22 are product ids. These products will be added to cart.
  • qty=2,1 – Two quantities of product with id 37 will be added to cart. One quantity of product with id 22 will be added to cart.
  • coupon=50_percent_cart – Coupon having code is 50_percent_cart, will be applied.
  • ship-via=flat_rate – The order will be shipped via Flat Rate shipping method.
  • page=104 – 104 is id of the page to which the customer will be redirected to. If it is not set, then Buy Now will try to complete the customer’s order using the available information, reducing the checkout steps.
  • with-cart=0 – When 0, previous cart (if available) will not be combined with products of Buy Now link. After completing the buy now process, the previous cart will be restored. When 1, all the products available in the previous cart will be combined with products from Buy Now link and if automatic payment settings are in-place, payments will also be processed.