What are the Buy Now One-Click Requirements

Following are requirements for one-click Buy Now:

  1. WooCommerce 3.0.0+ & WooCommerce Buy Now version 2.0.0+
  2. You are accepting payments via:
    1. WooCommerce Stripe (Free plugin) OR
    2. Authorize.Net CIM OR
    3. WooCommerce PayPal Powered By Braintree (Free plugin) OR
    4. Standard PayPal built in with WooCommerce (Free) OR
    5. Direct Bank Transfer built in with WooCommerce (Free) OR
    6. Cheque Payments built in with WooCommerce (Free) OR
    7. Cash on Delivery built in with WooCommerce (Free)


  3. Use of Saved cards is enabled in above mentioned payment gateway’s setting
  4. After activating Saved cards, the customer should have paid at-least once via Stripe OR WooCommerce Authorize.Net CIM OR WooCommerce PayPal Powered By Braintree OR PayPal
  5. Customer is registered and is having an account on your store and has minimum one order in completed status which are paid via any of the above-mentioned payment gateways

When the above-mentioned requirements are fulfilled, all existing Buy Now link will behave as one-click Buy Now.

Need a gateway for one click upsells that is not listed above? Write to use from here along with a URL of that gateway and a short description of it’s usage on your store. We may consider adding support for the same. 🙂