FAQ for Bulk Variations Manager

Bulk Variations Manager fields are broken

Make sure you are using the latest version of Bulk Variations Manager. If the issue still persists, check our Self Service Guide to troubleshoot the issue.

Bulk Variations Manager process is not completing. It is getting stuck at some point.

Try by switching to the earlier version i.e. old method. This method can be slow but it gives better results.

Bulk Variations Manager comes with two methods – faster & slower.
The default one, that loads on clicking Bulk Variations from the sidebar admin menu, is the faster method.

Faster method processes values entered by you and saves the data in a CSV file. After that, it imports that file directly into the database. Since this method uses file operation for writing data & then importing it in the database, it needs additional settings & permissions. If the faster method is getting stuck at some point, there are higher chances that required settings & permissions are not there. For more information on these settings you can contact us.

Slower method processes values entered by you and uses WooCommerce core functions to create variations. Therefore it gives better results. But since it doesn’t use file import, this method is much slower.

Unable to open product after creating variations from Bulk Variations Manager OR Product is not loading OR Product edit page is unresponsive

Product opening & loading variations are not handled by Bulk Variations Manager. These are handled by WooCommerce core. Bulk Variations Manager’s functionality is to create variations.

Small number of variations are getting created but creation of a large number of variations fails

When Bulk Variations Manager plugin processes data entered by you to create a large number of variations, it needs sufficient memory to hold this huge data. Please check WP Memory Limit, PHP Post Max Size and PHP Max Input Vars. Increase its value to check if it is creating more variations or not. You can check these values from WooCommerce > System Status.

When trying to add new variation to an existing variable product OR when trying to change price of existing variations, it is not reflecting on the website

Go to Products menu from admin panel, select all those products on which you applied changes, using checkbox. Choose “Edit” from “Bulk action” drop down menu & click on Apply. Now, without changing anything, just click the Update button. After completion, your changes will start reflecting on the website.

On adding new variations to existing products, it is creating duplicate variations

This happens when you select only those terms that you want to add & skip other attributes present in that product. Bulk Variations Manager creates all possible combinations from the selected terms. Then, it checks against the existing variations.

If a variation combination already exists, it either updates it or skips it. If it finds a new variation combination, it will add a new variation. So, the root cause is when you skip an attribute from selection, Bulk Variations Manager considers it as a new variation combination and adds another set of variations.

So, don’t skip any attributes present in the selected set of products.

Does the plugin creates variations from all attributes?

Bulk Variations Manager can create or update variations only from those attributes which are listed in Products > Attributes. It can not create or update product variations that contain any custom attributes. Because custom attributes can differ from product to product, so, it’s not possible to do bulk operation on such product variations.