System Requirements

Bulk Variations Manager plugin will work on dedicated hosting. It’ll not work on shared hosting environment.

If you’re trying to create/update a high number of variations (more than thousands) then it’ll also need higher values for WordPress memory limit, PHP post max size, PHP time limit, and PHP max input vars. You can check current values for your website from admin panel under WooCommerce > Status.

Suggested values are listed below. However, you can increase these values if the variations are not creating.

  • WordPress memory limit: 512MB – 1GB
  • PHP post max size: 512MB – 1GB
  • PHP time limit: 60
  • PHP max input vars: 1000000 – 10000000

To set these values you might need to take help from your system administrator or host provider. These values are required only when you’re doing some operation with Bulk Variations Manager. It means you can set these values temporarily when you’re doing some operations with Bulk Variations Manager. For the rest of the time, you can set lower values for these.

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