Terminologies You Need to Know

Base product

The main product in which variations will be added or in which attributes will be added or from which variations will be deleted.

Base price

This value will be used for calculating the final price of the product variation or for setting price, in case you are setting attributes in product/s. This is not stored anywhere, it is used only for calculation of final price.

Differential price

You can enter price per attribute. This differential price along with base price will make the final price of variation. This will be helpful when prices of variations are based on attributes used in that variation.

For example, set a laptop as a base product with a price of $499.
Then for a laptop with processor as attribute, set i5 as 0, i3 as – $100 and i7 as +$100.
The plugin will automatically calculate prices as $399, $499 and $599 for the i3, i5 AND i7 processors respectively.

You can set differential prices for other attributes as well.