FAQ’s for Express Login For WordPress

1. Does the plugin require WooCommerce?

No, Express Login needs WordPress only. But you can use it for your WooCommerce websites also.

2. Can I create an express link using my own plugin?

Yes, you can. Express login provides following 2 filters to generate express login links:

  1. sa_express_login_link: To generate login link for single user
  2. sa_bulk_express_login_link: To generate login link for multiple users at once

3. What to do when someone is misusing these links?

When you get to know that someone got unauthorized access to the link & that person is misusing it, you can stop this with a simple step. Just change the secret key, this will disable all previously generated express login links.

4. Can the Express Login links can be shortened by a third-party service like Bitly?


5. Express Login plugin not generating/showing login links for administrator users under the Export & Users list?

Due to security purposes, the Express Login plugin does not generate/show the Express Login link of other administrators if one administrator is logged in to the website.
This behavior is overridable but we don’t recommend overriding it.