How to Translate StoreApps Plugins

There are various methods to translate (Localization) a plugin. If those methods are not working, you can try following methods to translate StoreApps plugins in your language, as these are tested.

Using Loco Translate plugin

  1. Check wp-config.php file, whether WP_LANG_DIR is already defined. If not, add following line in your wp-config.php file :
    define ('WP_LANG_DIR', '/home/wordpress-directory/wp-content/languages');
  2. Now go to this path: /home/wordpress-directory/wp-content/languages
  3. Create a new directory & name it as the plugin folder name which you are trying to translate (Example, if you are trying to translate Smart Offers in your language, then directory name will be smart-offers)
  4. Install & activate a free WordPress plugin – Loco Translate
  5. Navigate to Loco Translate -> Manage translations from sidebar admin menu
  6. Locate the plugin name which you are trying to translate under Plugins
  7. Check if a language file for your language already exists. If it exists, click to edit it OR if it doesn’t exist, click New language to add translation for your language
  8. Select your language from dropdown menu & click Start translating
  9. Before starting translating is very important to click in the Sync button, so you are really translating strings for the new plugin version
  10. You’ll see 2 column: left column containing texts from the plugin and right column with it’s translated texts. Select text & add translated text for that. Repeat the steps for all the other texts also
  11. Once done, click the Save button to save the .po file and compile the .mo file. If sufficient permissions for saving are not there, download PO & MO file
  12. Upload these files to /home/wordpress-directory/wp-content/languages/[plugin-folder-name] (Example, if plugin is Smart Offers then path will be something like this, /home/wordpress-directory/wp-content/languages/smart-offers)
  13. Make sure these files have proper read permission, otherwise texts will not be translated
  14. You can also place these PO & MO file inside languages directory of the plugin, but it is not recommended, as you’ll loose it when you’ll update the plugin
  15. That’s it. Now, the plugin should display your translated texts.

Translating text without a localization file

There are two options available:

1. Using the Say What? plugin can assist if you only wish to translate or change a few words without editing a WordPress theme’s PO file. Requires no custom code.

When activated, it asks for:

  • Original string — text you are translating. View the plugin source code to see the exact string.
  • Text domain — woocommerce
  • Text you want to display

2. Using the Translate Words plugin.

After activating plugin,

  • Go to Settings > Translate Words
  • Enter text found in your theme/plugins in the ‘Current’ box.
  • Enter the text you want to use in the ‘New’ box.
  • Hit save

Note: The above is considered a customization. We are happy to provide guidance, but we are unable to provide support or help to suit your store. Only use it if you are comfortable with PHP and custom coding, and troubleshooting on your own.

Further Help: You can also refer This Translation Tutorial as your reference guide to perform the translation of plugin.

Translations not picking / showing up correctly

Locate the translation file (PO file) of that language and open it in Loco Translate. Now, locate the string whose translation is not appearing correctly. Delete that existing translation and add a new translation for it. Save and download new PO & MO files for that language and upload those new files. Then have a check if it is working correctly or not.

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