How to create/edit news & customize

Follow this steps to create/edit news & customize it:

Step 1 : Go to your WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> News Announcement Scroll, select Add New or click Edit for editing existing news.

create/edit news & customize

Step 2 : Add the news content

Step 3 : Add the display order of the news

Step 4 : Set the display status as ‘Yes’, if it is set to ‘No’ the respective news will not be displayed

create/edit news & customize

Step 5 : Select a group for your news which allows you to decide which news group you want to display

Step 6 : Add the Publish and the Expiration date of the news and click Insert Details

Step 7 : Similarly add/edit multiple news and divide them to your desired groups.

Widget Settings

Here you will find various settings available for customizing the widget

create/edit news & customize

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