How to Stop Counter Offers

By default, this feature is disabled. When a customer offers a price which is less than minimum offer price set by you, in that case this plugin sends a counter offer to customer. It offers coupon worth minimum offer price.

If you want to take control of this functionality i.e. you don’t want that store should automatically issue coupons, you can stop this functionality by checking Stop Counter Offers.

This feature to stop counter offer was included to avoid misuse of the feature. In case of automatic generation of coupon, customer can submit their offer by putting up minimum possible amount like $0.01. In such case customer will receive coupon worth minimum amount for the product set by store owner.

If Stop Counter Offer is enabled on your site, then instead of issuing coupon immediately, customer will receive email saying Your offer is under review and store owner will receive notification email saying New Offer РUnder Review. Both the email will contain details of the offer submitted by customer.

How to Stop Counter Offers
Offer Under Review Email to Customer
How to Stop Counter Offers
Offer Under Review Email to Store Owner

Now store owner can take appropriate action on this offer from Offer Received Dashboard.

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