Recently Viewed Products for WooCommerce Shortcode

Recently Viewed Products are shown using the shortcode [sa_recently_viewed_products]

This shortcode is functional in the plugin. But there are plans to develop it more & add more features, options, setting & flexibility to the shortcode.

Shortcode Attributes

AttributesDefaultPossible ValuesDescription
product_count5Any non-decimal numberNumber of products to display in the list
order_byseqseq / randOrder for displaying recently viewed products, in sequential order or randomnly
layouthorizontalhorizontal / verticalLayout of recently viewed product’s list
slideryesyes / noWhether to make list of recently viewed product slide or show as static list
directionrtlrtl / ltr / ttb / bttIf slider is enabled what should be the direction of slider: Right-to-left (rtl), left-to-right (ltr), top-to-bottom (ttb), bottom-to-top (btt)
templatetemplate1template1 / template2Currently the plugins comes with only 2 templates. This list of templates will grow as the time progresses.
add_to_cart (upcoming)hoverhover / inlineWhether to show Add to cart button on hover or inline
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