Buy multiple products in same order

By default, using WooCommerce Sold Individually you can sell only one product with one quantity in one order. If you want to allow your customers to purchase multiple products but with only one quantity, than follow these steps :

Step 1 : Open your database & then go to <prefix>wp_options table

Step 2 : Search for the row having ‘option_name‘ as ‘sa_si_one_product_one_quantity

Step 3 : If that option is present, then enter ‘option_value‘ as ‘no‘ and click on save
If that options is not present, then click on Insert with option_name = sa_si_one_product_one_quantity and option value = no and click on Go.

Step 4 : That’s it!

Now your customers will be able to buy multiple products in same order with one quantity per product.

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