Smart Manager Additional Settings

Here are a few additional settings of Smart Manager:

1. Reset the sort in Smart Manager

Currently, for resetting the sort, you would need to make changes at the database level.

  • Go to your WordPress database and open <prefix>wp_options table
  • Search for the row having option_name as _sm_{login email}_{Smart Manager Dashboard}
  • Simply delete that row
  • Now, refresh Smart Manager and the sort should be resetted.

For example, if the login_email is ‘’ and you want to reset the sort for ‘Products’ dashboard then search in wp_options table for ‘_sm_abc@wordpress.com_Products’ and delete the same.

2. Increase the number of rows per page in Smart Manager Old (Classic)

Currently, Smart Manager Classic View by default displays 100 rows per page. You can modify number of records to be shown in Smart Manager on single page. But for that, you’ll have to make manual change at the WordPress database level.

  • Go to your WordPress database and open <prefix>wp_options table
  • Search for the row having option_name as _sm_set_record_limit (PS: for Smart Manager Beta search for _sm_beta_set_record_limit)
  • Enter option_value as number of records you want to display in Smart Manager on single page
  • Click on save. That’s it!

Note: Updating the ‘_sm_set_record_limit’ option to a larger value can hamper some processes like loading & updating data.

3. Increase the Product thumbnail image size in Smart Manager Old (Classic)

In order to increase the product thumbnail image size, you would need to make some code level changes and also maintain the same whenever you update your copy of Smart Manager. To remove the same, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to your-wordpress-dashboard/wp-content/plugins/smart-manager-for-wp-e-commerce/sm folder
  • Open smart-manager-woo.js file in editor
  • Find the img width=16px height=16px src="' + + '" line of code
  • Make changes to the ‘width’ and ‘height’ CSS property values in the line of code.
  • Save the file. That’s it!
  • Refresh your Smart Manager dashboard page.

Now, you can see the Product thumbnail image size which you had mentioned.

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