Which Fields can I Update using Bulk Edit functionality

You can update any field of custom post type using Bulk Edit functionality.

Dashboard Fields
Products Featured Image, Name, Regular Price, Sale Price, Manage Stock, Stock Status, SKU, Description, Additional Description, Product Type, Weight, Height, Width, Length, Tax Status, Visibility, Product Category, Add/Change/Remove Attributes, Product Image Gallery, Crossell IDs, Download Expiry, Download Limit, Downloadable, Downloadable Files, Featured, File Paths, Upsell IDs, Slug, Variation Description, Virtual, Total Sales, Other Meta (all product custom fields)
Orders Date, Status, Order SubTotal, Order Total, Order Shipping
Details, Order Currency, Order Shipping Tax, Line Items, Billing First Name, Billing Last Name, Billing Email, Billing Phone, Billing Company, Billing State, Billing Postcode, Billing Country, Payment Method, Shipping Method, Cart Discount, Edit Lock, Edit Last, Download Permissions Granted, Date Paid, Date Completed, Customer User,Stripe Currency, Menu Order, Coupons Used,Shipping Company, Shipping State, Shipping Method, Shipping Last Name, Shipping First Name, Shipping Country, Shipping City, Payment Method, Paid Date, Name, Password, Ping Status, Comment Other Meta (all order custom fields)
Users (Includes Customers) Role, User Pass, User Nickname, User Email, User Registered, Display Name, Billing Address 1, Billing Address 2, Billing City, Billing Company, Billing Country, Billing Email, Billing First Name, Billing Last Name, Billing Phone, Billing Postcode, Billing State, Description, First Name, Last Name, Rich Editing, User Url, Admin Color, Shipping Address 1, Shipping Address 2, Shipping Country, Shipping City, Shipping First Name, Shipping Last Name, Shipping Method, Shipping State, Other Meta (all user custom fields).
Only for viewing – Last Order Date, Last Order Total, Orders Count, Orders Total
Coupons Coupon Code, Discount Type, Coupon Amount, Description, Products
Product categories, Allowed Emails, Usage Count, Usage Limit Per Coupon, Expiry Date, Allow Free Shipping, Individual use only, Exclude sale items, Usage Limit Per User, For new user only?, Coupon Validity, Minimum Amount, Display message, Maximum Amount, Limit Usage To X Items, Exclude products,Exclude categories, Coupon expiry date, Shipping methods, Coupon expiry time, Other Meta (all coupon custom fields)
Posts / Pages Title, Content,Status, Posts Created Date, Name,Category, Post Tag, Post Format, View,Ping Status, Ping Status, Modified GMT, Password, Modified, Comment Status, Excerpt, Posts Created Date GMT, Author, Content Filtered, Pinged, Parent, Guid, Menu Order, Mime Type, Comment Count, To Ping, Edit, Other Meta (all post / page custom fields)
Media Title, Content, Status, Media Created Date, Name, View, Wc Attachment Source, Wp Attached File,Wp Attachment Context, Wp Attachment Metadata, Ping Status, Content Filtered, To Ping, Password, Comment Status, Excerpt, Media Created Date GMT, Author, Parent, Menu Order, Edit Lock, Woocommerce Exclude Image, Other Meta (all media custom fields)
Any other post type All their fields and custom fields