How to Change the Offer’s Call to Action (CTA) Labels

The default CTA labels “Yes, Add to Cart” & “No, Skip this Offer” are just examples provided to start with. You can use even more effective CTA labels to make your offers irresistible.

Here’s how to change CTA labels

  1. Go to your existing offer or create a new offer
  2. You will see the WordPress editor
  3. Find so_accept and so_skip and change the CTA text as you want

That’s it!

Some super-effective CTA’s to use in your offers:

For Accepting Offer (Yes, Add to Cart)

  • Heck Yes, I want this
  • Yes, I’m in
  • Click Here for your FREE gift
  • Sounds good, give me my discount
  • Click Me Now
  • Save Now
  • Buy It Now
  • 100% Guaranteed! Click to Claim

For Skipping Offer (No, Skip this Offer)

  • No, I don’t want this
  • Skip this
  • No thanks, I don’t like saving my money
  • No, I’m all set for right now. Maybe later.
  • I don’t like offers
  • Not interested