How to change CTA labels

The default CTA labels “Yes, Add to Cart” & “No, Skip this Offer” are just examples provided to start with. You can use even more effective CTA labels to make your offers irresistible. Below is the list of some super-effective CTA’s to use in your offers :

For Accepting Offer (Yes, Add to Cart)

  • Heck Yes, I want this
  • Yes, I’m in
  • Click Here for your FREE gift
  • Sounds good, give me my discount
  • Click Me Now
  • Save Now
  • Buy It Now
  • 100% Guaranteed! Click to Claim

For Skipping Offer (No, Skip this Offer)

  • No, I don’t want this
  • Skip this
  • No thanks, I don’t like saving my money
  • No, I’m all set for right now. Maybe later.
  • I don’t like offers.
  • Not interested!
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