How to check if Smart Offers is compatible with my Theme

If your theme fully declares WooCommerce support, then Smart Offers will work with your theme.

However, in some cases it happens that Smart Offers doesn’t work with your theme. This article will tell you what to do when your theme is not fully compatible with Smart Offers i.e. when theme template doesn’t include exactly the same hooks as present in Cart, Checkout and My Account templates of WooCommerce.

What happens when your theme is not compatible with Smart Offers?

  1. Smart Offers will display a notice message as shown below:
    Smart Offers is compatible with my Theme
  2. If you click on Fix this automatically, Smart Offers will insert shortcode [[[so_show_offers]]] in the page/pages mentioned in the message.
  3. If you click on Dismiss this notice, Smart Offers will not make your theme compatible with Smart Offers thus offers won’t be shown on those pages and also will not show above message again ever in future.

Note: If you change your theme, then Smart Offers will not determine whether the new theme is compatible. If shortcode was previously added into the post/pages, then you would have to manually add/remove shortcode from that post/page.

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