How to Preview Offer

Initially, to check how the offer is looking, you would need to create an offer, publish it. And then go through entire process just to check if the offer is good looking for your customers i.e. the old process consisting of configuring an offer and then satisfying all the rules just to check how the offer looked was an difficult way to test out offers.

So we thought about making this process a lot simpler. We decided to cut the steps down and offer a button Preview Changes that will allow you to preview the offer once created. The benefit you can preview offers faster and make changes accordingly.

Steps to preview offer which is published

1. Hover over the Offer title on the main page, click “Edit” (or create a new offer & publish it).
2. On the Post Status metabox to the right of the editor, click on “Preview Changes” button to preview the offer.

Note: After making changes in the offer, you need to click Update button every time to see the correct updated offer preview. Also, Preview button is visible only after an offer is published (not in draft or any other status).

Preview Offer

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