FAQ for WooCommerce Serial Key

1. What are the requirements to use WooCommerce Serial Key?

WooCommerce Serial Key will work with any website powered with WordPress 3.3+ & WooCommerce 2.0+.

2. Will it work with other eCommerce plugins?

No, it only works with WooCommerce.

3. Serial Keys are not generating

Make sure ‘Generate Serial Key’ is enabled for that product and the order is completed.

4. Can serial keys be generated for all WooCommerce products?

Serial Keys will be generated only for Downloadable products of Simple & Variable product types.

5. Is it possible to modify the pattern, number of characters used for the serial key?

Serial Key system won’t allow you to modify patterns but you can import a CSV file containing pre-defined serial keys that you want to assign to the new orders.

6. Where can I find the CSV format used to import Serial Keys?

A sample CSV file named ‘sample-keys.csv‘ is provided inside the plugin folder. Use the same or create your own CSV file.

7. Is it possible to generate more than one serial key for multiple quantities of the same product purchased?

Yes, it is possible.

8. Can this plugin make the downloadable file a password protected file?

No, this plugin doesn’t modify the download file.

9. Can I implement Serial Key in my mobile applications?

Yes, you can implement Serial Key in your mobile applications.

10. Serial Key is not visible on Order Complete /Thank You page

Serial Key will be visible on Order Complete / Thank You page only if the order status is completed.