FAQ for WooCommerce Serial Key

1. What are the requirement to use WooCommerce Serial Key?

WooCommerce Serial Key will work with any website powered with WordPress 3.3+ & WooCommerce 2.0+.

2. Will it work with other e-Commerce plugin?

No, it only works with WooCommerce.

3. Serial Keys are not generating?

Make sure ‘Generate Serial Key’ is enabled for that product & order is completed.

4. Can serial keys be generated for all WooCommerce products?

Serial Keys will be generated only for Downloadable products of Simple & Variable product type.

5. Is it possible to modify pattern, number of character used for serial key?

Serial Key system won’t allow you to modify pattern but you can import a CSV file containing pre-defined Serial Keys that you want to assign to the new orders.

6. Where can I find CSV format used to import Serial Keys?

A sample CSV file named ‘sample-keys.csv‘ is provided inside plugin folder. Use the same or create your own CSV file.

7. Is it possible to generate more than 1 serial key for multiple quantities of same product purchased?

Yes, it is possible.

8. Can this plugin make the downloadable file a password protected file?

No, this plugin doesn’t modify download file.

9. Can I implement Serial Key in my Mobile applications?

Yes, you can implement Serial key in your mobile applications.

10. Serial Key is not visible on Order Complete/Thank You page.

Serial Key will be visible on Order Complete/Thank You page only if the order status is completed.

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