Documentation of StoreApps WooCommerce Plugins

  • Smart Coupons

    Everything for discounts, coupons, credits, vouchers, product giveaways and promotions. Complete coupon management plugin for WooCommerce.
  • Affiliate for WooCommerce

    Run your own affiliate program. Unlock qualified leads, credibility, higher conversions and sales growth. Super easy, jargon free and power packed.
  • Email Customizer Pro

    Better looking emails from WooCommerce. Build your brand, engage customers and improve repeat purchases.
  • Chained Products

    Pre-configured, discounted, automatic product bundles, forced sells, giveaways and combos.
  • Smart Refunder

    Remove pain from the refund process – both for customers and store owners. Instant refunds, store credits, optional admin approval, partial refunds and more.
  • Conditional Payment Methods

    Show / hide available payment methods based on rules like customer’s billing or shipping address or cart total.
  • Saved Addresses

    Enable users to save and quickly select from multiple shipping and billing addresses during checkout. Manage all addresses from my account.
  • Cashier

    One-click checkout, better product recommendations, add to cart redirect, buy now links, min-max quantities… One plugin for many cart and checkout improvements in WooCommerce.
  • Connector

    Tracks WordPress & WooCommerce’s activity & send data to
  • Smart Manager

    Best WooCommerce stock & inventory management plugin. Bulk edit and manage products, prices, orders, coupons, admin columns or any WordPress post type using a spreadsheet like table editor.
  • Smart Offers

    Show dynamic offers during checkout – upsells, cross-sells, one time offers, order bump, BOGO… Build unlimited offer flows with conditional pricing. Smart Offers grows sales on autopilot.
  • Bulk Variations Manager

    Create and update thousands of WooCommerce product variations in batch and set differential prices using attributes.
  • Account & Licensing

    Queries related to StoreApps account & plugin’s license
  • General

    Queries related to pre-purchase, how to install & translate StoreApps plugins
  • Serial Keys and License Manager

    Automatically issue, validate and manage unique serial keys and codes. Easy to use and integrate in your own software. Many different use cases.
  • Custom Thank You Pages

    Show upsells, getting started guide, coupons, videos, delivery info, redirect links and more on order complete page.
  • Buy Now: 1-click quick checkout

    Decrease abandonment and improve checkout completion. Add a quick buy now button that skips cart and completes as many checkout steps automatically as possible.
  • Offer Your Price

    WooCommerce name your price (open pricing / pay your price) plugin to create a “pay what you want” (PWYW), “offer your price” or “donation based” pricing system.
  • Update Variations in Cart

    Let people change a product\’s variant (color, size, weight, type…) directly on cart page. No more back and forth to the product.
  • Frequently Bought Together

    Show related products / product recommendations to customers automatically.
  • Recently Viewed Products

    Nudge towards ordering by showing products people visited already.
  • Save Cart Items for Later

    Save cart items for later – convenience of wish list without the complications.
  • WooCommerce Renewals

    Manually paid subscriptions, recurring products and reorders. Just set a special “repeat order price” for products. No complex features, no overheads.
  • Auto Complete Virtual Orders

    When order contains only virtual products, automatically change order status to “completed” instead of “processing” – after payment.
  • Express Login Links

    Create secure, auto-login links for WordPress & WooCommerce. Use with email marketing. Logs in and redirects to any page you want.
  • Sold Individually

    Restrict product quantity to “only one per order”.
  • Express Checkout

    Quicker checkout for virtual and digital downloads.