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Express Login For WordPress now Integrates with MailPoet

Breakthrough updates!!

Our Express Login For WordPress plugin has added three major features:

  • Integration with WordPress newsletter plugin MailPoet
  • Export specific users’ express login links as CSV
  • Log-in as any user (fastest method)

Integration with MailPoet

This is a major update as well as a much-required feature.
Courtesy – requests from MailPoet users.

What’s the benefit of this integration?

With this integration, a MailPoet user also having Express Login For WordPress plugin can directly embed express login links in their MailPoet newsletters.

This will enable MailPoet customers’ customers directly log-in to a particular page from the link in the newsletter or email without the need of a username or password.

How to do this?

Simply embed a shortcode Express Login For WordPress plugin provides in the MailPoet newsletter links.

That’s it. Rest all is taken care off. View more details about it.

Export specific users’ express login links as CSV

Earlier, to send express login links to specific users, you need to export all users’ express login links as CSV, then select users whom you need to email express login links.

That’s not the case now. Here’s how to do it-

  • Simply search for users in the search bar…email id of the users will be shown (refer the image above)
  • Keep on adding as many users you want to send the express login links
  • Click on Download.csv

Your CSV file will contain express login links only for the users you have selected.

Beenfit of this feature

You would save an ample amount of time if you need to get log-in links only for specific users.
Just imagine how much time you would have wasted if you need to select only 10 users from a base of 500 users.

Log-in as any user (fastest method)

Express Login For WordPress plugin provides you a link which you can copy by just clicking on it as shown in the following image.

After you’ve copied the link, open your browser’s Incognito Mode (Google Chrome) OR Private Browsing (Mozilla Firefox & Safari) OR InPrivate Browsing (Microsoft Edge), paste the link in the address field & hit enter. That’s it! You’re logged in as your customer.

Main benefit of this feature

You don’t need any third-party plugin to log-in to a particular user’s account. Be it debugging an issue or adding plugins, offering a discount coupon or any other task, simply copy the log-in link and you will be successfully logged-in into the account.

To enable all these above features, simply update to the latest version of Express Login For WordPress. (Refer the changelog to see details)

And if you are a new customer, get Express Login For WordPress plugin.

Your take

I hope you like these features and they will definitely speed up your work. Have any other service in mind you need an integration with Express Login? Let us know in the comments section below.

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