Saved Addresses For WooCommerce

Reduce cart abandonment rate on your WooCommerce store by allowing your customers save multiple shipping and billing addresses and select their preferred one instantly at checkout.

Saved Addresses For WooCommerce

Don’t Let your customers waste time filling shipping details anymore.

Use Saved Addresses For WooCommerce to auto fill their address and allow them to checkout instantly.

Your customers can save multiple shipping addresses beforehand and later simply choose the one they want to ship the products to with Saved Addresses For WooCommerce.

Shipping Address Increases Cart Abandonment- The Truth

Whenever a customer places an order from your WooCommerce store, he always look out for a smooth and quick checkout process that has minimum details to be filled-in.

But what resists him from making the payment is filling the lengthy shipping and billing addresses every time he wants to make a purchase.

What if customer wants product delivered at different locations every now and then?

Will he fill the shipping details or abandon the process? No doubt, it’s the latter one.

Recover Sale Before It’s Lost

Stats shows that more than 63% people just abandon their cart if there isn’t a provision to ship to multiple addresses.

If you happen to check your WooCommerce store analytics and found a high abandonment rate, then this shipping address thing would be one of the major factor in it you weren’t aware of.

Would you mind losing an already converted lead just on the basis of multiple shipping addresses?

How Saved Addresses For WooCommerce Reduces Cart Abandonment?

People may be far away from their home or office and when they want their products in a quick span of time, they would enter the shipping address of that location where they are present currently.

Saved Addresses For Woocommerce is the most convenient solution in these situations. If customer is logged-in, than they can save multiple addresses during check-out and select the preferred location for shipping that order. All the items would be delivered to that selected address.

Awesome Benefits of Saved Addresses For Woocommerce

Saves Customers Time

Super time saver
When multiple addresses are saved, all the addresses would be displayed instantly at checkout and the user can select the one of his choice, thus saving huge amount of time.

Saves Unlimited Addresses

Automatic data entry
With unlimited saved addresses, users can instantly select their desired shipping address for delivery as and when required. You can also delete saved addresses you don’t require anymore.

Works for All Logged In Users

Being a newly signed user or a past user, this plugin works seamlessly.

One-Click Form Filling

Clicking on the ‘Ship to this address’ option will auto-fill customer data leaving no typing effort on the user end.


*** Saved Addresses For WooCommerce ***

2017.01.16 - version 1.0.3
* Fix: Dead white screen in some cases on plugin activation.  

2016.12.02 - version 1.0.2
* Fix: Conflict with Express Checkout for WooCommerce plugin
* Fix: Warnings when user places order for the very first time
* Fix: Empty initial response to jQuery whenever the checkout page loads for the first time which caused problem while selecting address   
* Update : Code clean up, identation, localized hardcoded strings and added doc link

2016.10.10 - version 1.0.1
 * Update: Important changes related to Automatic Updates of this plugin
 * Update: POT file

2016.07.06 - version 1.0.0
 * First release
Saved Addresses For WooCommerce
Includes one year support and upgrades.
Subsequent years at half price.
  • Personal (1 site)  $39.00
  • Professional (5 sites)  $79.00
  • Agency (25 sites)  $149.00

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