WooCommerce Segment.Io Integration

Send your analytics data to any service

Using this WooCommerce Segment.io integration, you can send your analytics data to any service you want without having to integrate with each one individually.

Tracks WordPress & WooCommerce’s activity & send data to Segment.io

You can’t shoot in the dark. Without data, your business can run into chaos.

Now, there are so many data analytics services. You may be using any one of them. But integrating them with your WordPress and WooCommerce may be a pain.

So, here’s where the Segment.io Integration / Connector plugin comes to the rescue.

WooCommerce Segment.io Integration allows you to track WordPress and WooCommerce activity, and send tracked data to Segment.io. And Segment.io lets you send that analytics data to any service like Google Analytics, Salesforce, KissMetrics, etc.

  • Track everything instantly

    Simply install the plugin, enter your Segment.io API code and you would be tracking everything instantly – e-commerce events, customer activity, website events. No coding required. No changes to JavaScript / CSS or theme files, PHP or HTML.

  • Switch between any service

    Segment.io stores your analytics data for later use. So if you want to switch between any service, you can do that by clicking a button, without loss of data. No changes required on your website. No manual imports needed.

Segment.io lets you send your analytics data to

    • AdRoll
    • Apteligent
    • BitDeli
    • BugHeard
    • Bugsnag
    • Chartbeat
    • ClickTale
    • Clicky
    • Comscore
    • Countly
    • Crazy Egg
    • Customer.io
    • Errorception
    • Flurry
    • FoxMetrics
    • Gauges
    • Google Analytics
    • GoSquared
    • Heap
    • Help Scout
    • HitTail
    • HubSpot
    • Improvely
    • Intercom
    • Keen.io
    • Kissmetrics
    • Klaviyo
    • Librato
    • LiveChat
    • Localytics
    • Lytics
    • Marketo
    • Mixpanel
    • Olark
    • Omniture
    • Optimizely
    • Outbound
    • Pardot
    • Perfect Audience
    • Pingdom
    • Preact
    • Qualaroo
    • Quantcast
    • Salesforce
    • Sentry
    • SnapEngage
    • Totango
    • USERcycle
    • Userfox
    • UserVoice
    • Vero
    • VMO
    • Woopra
    • Webhooks

Which events from WooCommerce are tracked?

    • Registration form seen
    • New user registered
    • Logged in
    • Logged out
    • Viewed account
    • Password changed
    • Address updated
    • Track post
    • Track page
    • Track archive
    • Track search
    • Viewed product
    • Added to cart
    • Removed from cart
    • Viewed cart
    • Coupon applied
    • Checkout started
    • Calculated shipping
    • Payment started
    • Completed purchase
    • Viewed order
    • Tracked order
    • File downloaded
    • Re-ordered
    • Order cancelled
    • Commented
    • Reviewed product

If you are a developer, you can easily track any additional events too. Here’s how

How to start tracking activities of your WooCommerce store?

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Integrations. Look for the ‘Segment.io Connector’ link
  • Put your Segment.io API key in the field provided on that page & click ‘Save changes’.

That’s it! Now activities on your site will be tracked and sent to Segment.io.

Get Segment.io today

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