Cashier For WooCommerce

Optimize your entire checkout funnel

WooCommerce Cashier plugin gives you all the important elements to optimize the entire checkout process – cart page, checkout page, order complete page, product recommendations and many other enhancements. Convert visitors and grow sales like never before.

woocommerce cashier plugin

Optimized checkout process = More money, happier customers, business growth

You have awesome products. Your copywriting, marketing, designing are bang on. But after all that hard work, you struggle to meet your sales goals.

8 out of 10 owners share the same story. Why is that so? Because of the unorganized checkout process. Annoying cart options, long checkout forms, irrelevant offers…tons of reasons.

WooCommerce Cashier plugin changes all this for good. It helps you re-organize your entire checkout process to nudge customers at every stage in the checkout funnel.

Quick checkout, cart enhancement options, upselling, cross-selling, get everything you need. Based on what you sell, your requirements, who are your visitors and customers…you can tailor the checkout process. WooCommerce Cashier will be your preferred WooCommerce checkout manager surely.

  • Direct checkout / one-click checkout

    Use Buy Now buttons to skip cart, checkout, payment and complete the order in one-click. If the user is logged in, it will auto-fill billing and shipping information from their last order, pick up their last used payment gateway, and redirect to payment gateway to complete the purchase.

  • Automatic product recommendations

    The plugin smartly picks and shows up a product as a cross-sell that is frequently bought together along with the main product. Or picks a product from the same category of the main product and shows it to the user. Smart recommendation engine.

  • Redirect to any page

    Create special Buy Now links and apply a coupon, pre-select shipping method, plus redirect to any page after adding an item to the cart – automatically. Share Buy Now links via email, social media, or embed them anywhere on your website.

  • Supports subscriptions

    The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. Add Buy Now links for subscription products and help checkout them faster. You can also offer subscription products as frequently bought together items.

Upcoming enhancements

  • Sliding cart panel
  • Updating product variations in the cart itself
  • Checkout field editor
  • Conversion optimized checkout page templates

and many more…


Is this plugin the same as any WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) plugin?
No. This is not a WooCommerce POS plugin. Cashier is focused on checkout optimization.

One-click checkout is supported for which payment methods?
One-click checkout works with PayPal Standard, Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.Net, Direct Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery and Cheque Payments – for customers with at least one previous order.