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Smart Manager Beta is here

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

This excerpt from a renowned poetry seems to be redundant in the fast,ever moving world of business, doesn’t it? Well whatever be your reply..I feel it does have a significance. Even as a big business owner you need time to sit and stare at the various things going on on your store. And Smart Manager will let you do exactly that.

(P.S with Smart Manager Beta you just don’t Stare but also manage things right from your dashboard.)

What is Smart Manager Beta?

Smart Manager Beta released
Smart Manager Beta

Smart Manager Beta is nothing but a transformed more bigger version of the previous Smart Manager. It has ton’s of functionality and only promises to be better than what Smart Manager ever was.

Digging Deeper into Smart Manager Beta..

One Stop Dashboard

Previously Smart Manager only supported the four major post types:

  1. Products
  2. Customers
  3. Orders
  4. Coupons

But the new Smart Manager Beta is a step ahead. Not only does it support all post types but also any custom field.  Therefore in this new version you will be able to view & manage all post types and any custom field from your Smart Manager Beta Dashboard.

Full Control

What next? You can perform two absolutely essential tasks right from your dashboard itself.That is, EDIT and DELETE. Edit and delete any field for any post type right from the dashboard thus saving time and energy.

Infinite Scrolling

This feature was introduced cause of the multiple requests we received in the older version of Smart Manager. Previously Smart Manager displayed result in various pages. Thus the sort functionality was only relevant to the results on the page itself. With infinite scrolling all the results are in one single page itself.


  • One glance at all results
  • Faster loading

Improved Performance

We understand the importance of your time and hence we’ve worked every inch of the coding to make the Smart Manager Beta way faster and the performance a lot smoother. Do check it out and let us know the difference!

Everything WordPress

Smart Manager only helped in managing WooCommerce and WP- ecommerce related post types. But with Smart Manager Beta we have gone full fledged with everything WordPress. Any and every WordPress related post type can be easily managed via Smart Manager Beta.

That’s it for now

These are the features currently active in the Beta version. But we ain’t stopping just yet. We have loads planned for the future.

A little sneak into our roadmap:

We are currently working on features like sort, batch update, export CSV etc

Over To You

We’re excited about the Beta release. And I hope you are too. Do check the Beta right here and get back to us with feedback.

14 thoughts on “Smart Manager Beta is here

  1. Hi. Was there supposed to be a link to the beta in this post? I’d like to try it!

    1. It’s available in the plugin. You can find it in both Lite & Pro version. You can download it from here
      Click on `Buy Now`, choose a version, add to cart & proceed with checkout

  2. On some of your documentation, it says that in the lite version, you can edit up to 3 rows at a time. I have been unable to do this. Is there a hidden button somewhere I need to click? Also, is this functionality available in this beta release?

    1. Hi Josh,

      Could you please confirm whether you are using the latest version of Smart Manager [i.e. v3.9.9] or not? If not, then request you to update to the latest version and then have a recheck with Smart Manager functionality.

      Further, could you please also let us know whether you are able to inline edit one product or no products using Smart Manager.

      Also, there is no such setting in Smart Manager to enable the editing of 3 rows at time. And you can surely have a check with Smart Manager Beta wherein you should be able to inline edit any number of products at a time.

      If still the issue persists, then request you to kindly mail us the short issue description along with your site admin login credentials at ‘’, so that we can investigate and resolve the issue asap.

  3. Hi,

    When i try smart manager beta, in the order section i just see some columns that are not very useful in orders for me, i need the same columns of regular smart manager plus two additional meta information that i request to client on checkout, arrival and departure dates how could i get this columns, please help me¡¡

    1. Hi Karla,

      With regards to show/hide columns in Smart Manager Beta, you can simply click on the ‘settings’ icon on the top right corner of the grid and show/hide columns as per your preference.

      With regards to the managing ‘arrival and departure’ fields , as communicated to you the same fields are stored for each of the order item and currently Smart Manager Beta displays records for each order, so it would not be possible to show the same fields.

      Further, we will surely take the same as a valuable suggestion and think of having a better way to manage order item level data in Smart Manager Beta in future.

  4. Cannot save layouts?
    Can this be moved out of Products menu?
    Can field header row line wrap?

    1. Hi Isa,

      Below are our comments to your queries:

      – Cannot save layouts?
      A. Currently not possible. However, we do have plans to add support for the same in the future versions.

      – Can this be moved out of Products menu?
      A. For the same you would need to do custom coding. Also, Smart Manager does appear as a separate menu when you give Smart Manager access to a user role that does not have privilege for WooCommerc & WooCommerce Products menu. You can have a check with Smart Manager Access Privileges for further reference.

      – Can field header row line wrap?
      A. Sorry! currently not possible. Could you please let us know you are referring to the same support due to long field names in some cases or something else?

  5. I notice that the “Duplicate” function has vanished in Beta. Is this still going to be available? It’s a vital function for me.

  6. Hi Linda,

    Currently we do not have any such duplicate functionality in Smart Manager Beta. We do have plans for adding support for the same functionality but it would take a considerable amount of time.

    Further, if you are referring to Smart Manager classic version, and unable to use the ‘Duplicate Products’ functionality inspite of using the Smart Manager Pro version, then request you to kindly redownload the latest copy of Smart Manager Pro from the My Account page on StoreApps and then have a recheck with the same issue and do let us know your views on the same.

  7. Hi there,

    When will smart manager beta be version 1.0?

    Thanks in advanced!


    1. Hi Tim,

      We have been working on Smart Manager Beta and you will surely get to see many imporvements in Smart Manager Beta in 2018.

      Happy Holidays! 🙂

  8. Good morning. I would like to ask you some questions.
    1) Is the beta version an update of Smart Manger Pro, or is it a separate product?
    2) Is it possible to customize the columns of the CSV export file?
    3) On the order page, is it possible to add the column with the details of the products purchased?

    1. Hi Massimo,

      1) Is the beta version an update of Smart Manger Pro, or is it a separate product?

      a) Beta version is a part of Smart Manager and not a separate product.

      2) Is it possible to customize the columns of the CSV export file?

      A) No it is not possible as of now.

      3) On the order page, is it possible to add the column with the details of the products purchased?

      A) By default, Smart Manager in the orders dashboard shows the number of items purchased in the order. To see which products are purchased, you will need to export CSV file and check in the same.

      Hope this helps you.

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