Smart Offers

Grow your sales on autopilot. Create powerful WooCommerce upsells, cross-sells, downsells, BOGO, one-time offers, sales funnels and more. Measure offers, optimize and target them throughout your website.

Grow your sales on autopilot

Create powerful sales funnels in WooCommerce using Smart Offers plugin.
Target personalized upsells, cross-sells, special offers to increase LTV, conversions and profits instantly.

Smart Offers showing a one time offer and a cross sell

How Smart Offers can triple your profits easily!!

Transform your store into a
money minting machine

You probably know this already.. But a prospect is much more likely to buy another relevant product while she is checking out…
Typical Upsell Downsell Funnel in ecommerce

There are lots of psychological triggers working in tandem here. Scarcity, social proof, fear of missing out, greed, availability bias, mental accounting – a ton of behavioral finance principles as well.

The end result? Customers buy much more than what they initially came in for. And this keeps on happening with every customer, automatically!

💰💰 That’s the money minting machine we’re talking about. 💰💰

Smart Offers works on a strategy called the Super Profit System. It works like a charm when you offer additional, relevant products to your customer at the buying stage.

It significantly increases your conversion rate and sells product that would have otherwise gone unsold, leaving you with profits and your customers satisfied with their special deals.

Super Profit System - Sales Funnel Example

Every big business uses this tactic to grow
– and you now have the power to do the same.

Create any type of offer you want…for any scenario!

All types of offers for WooCommerce stores

Check this out: Smart Offers in action…


This screen recording shows Smart Offers in action on a sample WooCommerce website. When the customer adds a camera to cart, we show them a “complete kit” bundle as an upsell. After that extra memory and battery at special offer prices. When they complete the purchase, we give away an ebook. And from the My Account area we upsell a digital photography course to them..

All this is happening based on user’s buying behavior, purchase history and offers that they accepted / rejected in the funnel.

Buying Smart Offers was the best decision I ever made!

Adding Smart Offers to my e-commerce website is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I looked for ages for an one-time upsell and downsell solution and Smart Offers does both.Customers love it and I love it because I know I’m now not leaving any cash on the table and I don’t have to set up any follow up emails.

If you’re running any kind of online store, you need this.

– Melissa Love, Founder, Design Space.CO

Simple setup, impressive results always!

Creating offers with Smart Offers WooCommerce plugin is very simple. You get powerful targeting rules, create as many offers as you like, and can also chain offers to create sequenced funnels.

Create your basic offer within 60 seconds

Create Upsell Downsell Special Offers in WooCommerce with Smart Offers plugin
  • Pick a product on offer and set offer price
  • Decide where do you want to show the offer and how – inline or as a popup? Or via shortcode?
  • Add display rules – when should the offer show up?
  • Pick up accept and reject actions
  • Fully customize offer design with HTML and custom CSS
  • Preview and confirm everything looks great!

Lure customers with powerful targeting rules

Dynamically Display Offers Based On Conditions in WooCommerce with Smart Offers extension
  • Target offers based on users – whether they are registered, how long they have been customers, what products they have previously purchased, and more.
  • Target offers based on the cart status, contents, categories and total value
  • Target offers based on the page of your website – on cart page, during checkout, on order completion, and even on the “My Account” page or any other custom page.
  • Schedule offers to run automatically

Sequence offers to create high converting funnels (Show multiple offers)

Do you want to show another upsell when an offer is accepted? Or a downsell if it’s rejected? Want to redirect to another URL? Smart Offers lets you design flexible funnel sequences.

Setting up Accept Reject Actions and Sequence of Offers as Sales Funnels and One Time Offers in WooCommerce with Smart Offers
  • Accept / reject actions: add product to cart, remove another product from cart, apply coupons, do not show this offer again, show another offer, redirect to another page/site
  • Create powerful sequences / chained offers
  • Show different offers on cart / checkout / order complete pages
  • Or instantly checkout with Buy Now plugin

Track conversions, tweak offers, optimize

You only need to setup Smart Offers once. It will keep working on its own – making you more money. Just like a smart sales person!

But it also tracks conversion metrics. So you can review these reports and optimize your offers.

Manage, track and optimize all your offers
  • Dashboard widget with summary stats – revenue from offers, conversion rate, offers seen, skipped, accepted, paid through.
  • Stats for each individual offer – so you can tweak / optimize them
  • Quickly review and filter all your offers and their performance

Power up Smart Offers with other plugins…accelerate your sales

Embed a smart offer anywhere using shortcodes. This opens up a ton of new possibilities!!

One click upsells

Integrate with Buy Now to create WooCommerce one click upsells and reduce cart abandonment by enabling faster checkout.

Increase customer life time value

Embed an irresistible Smart Offer on personalized order complete with Custom Thank You Pages plugin.

Email special promotions and coupons

Use Smart Coupons to create and send discount coupons and offers right to customers’ inbox.

High converting designs & extra targeting rules

Use Icegram‘s high converting designs and flexible behavior targeting to show your offers – including on exit-intent, page scroll and more.

Create irresistible bundles

Use Chained Products and pitch a bundle of relevant products as an upsell.

Newsletters and Welcome discounts

Send offers in newsletter or welcome emails using Email Subscribers free WordPress plugin.

Our customers earned their investment back from their first offer itself!

Just after I bought Smart Offers, I had my first upsell + second upsell + downsell configured. And right the day after, I earned my investment back.

Michel Lejeune, Founder

StoreApps has the best plugin – Smart Offers – to implement your sales funnel. It’s pricey but there’s nothing as effective as it in WooCommerce. Highly recommended.

Naadira Burk, Royal Lioness

So, want to leave cash on the table or have it in your pocket?

  • Would you like higher revenue on autopilot?
  • How will your business change if you made even 10% more on an average order?
  • What if you could sell out your inventory quickly and customers actually felt better about buying more?
  • Don’t you want to use this proven tactic that every big ecommerce business is using?

If your answer was YES to even one of the above questions then Smart Offers is a must try!

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Common Concerns

We all want to avoid mistakes and wastage. You may have valid concerns and questions about our plugins too.

Yet concerns can become obstacles to achievement.

I’ve listed several common concerns and my responses to them below. If your question is not listed, feel free to reach out to me.

Remember, you don’t want to become a bottleneck for your own progress!

Unsure if this will work for you?

I fully understand if you can’t decide whether this plugin will fulfill your needs. My recommendation: 1. review all information on this page, 2. try our live demo – it will give you a good sense of how things will work, 3. quickly go through our docs – we’ve answered many common questions there, 4. feel free to send us your questions using the chat prompt at bottom right of this page. You won’t get an instant response, but we will certainly answer you ASAP.

Feel it’s very expensive? Have a cheaper alternative? Cheap = better??

Price becomes a big factor in any purchase decision. And it may block you as well. But here’s something I want you to think about…

What value will this plugin generate for you? How much money can it make you in next 3-4 months? How much ti me can it save in a year? Can it improve conversions and customer satisfaction?

So make your choice based on potential value not price.

Even if you have a strong budget restriction, a $25 solution is most likely not going to be better than a $149 solution. No two solutions are equal. So dig deeper before making your choice. When in doubt, I would go with a trustworthy, proven vendor, even if their solution was more expensive.

How much effort will it take to achieve what you want?

Buying the plugin is one step in completing the job at hand. Think about the setup / configuration / learning / maintenance time and cost as well. We design our plugins with utmost focus on your productivity. We want you to get the job done – faster and easier.

Your plugin does not have “x” feature…

Developing, maintaining and supporting complex features is costly. Why do you want to pay for things you won’t even need? More options means more choices to make. Bloated features mean more things that can break. We consciously choose what is and is not included in our plugins.

So check if you need all the bells and whistles… It may be wiser to go with something that may not do everything, but whatever it does, it does well.

Your time is more valuable than you think…

We assume our time to be cost-free. But instead of spending an hour going here and there within WooCommerce, you can use a plugin that makes things simpler. Then invest the saved time in crafting better products and offers. Engaging customers and growing traffic.

Why annual subscription?

WordPress and WooCommerce update often. We keep improving our plugins. We started in year 2011 and will continue helping customers grow their businesses. Your recurring payments help us continue serving you for a very long time. That’s the reason for annual renewals. Subscriptions renew automatically and you can cancel anytime.

But yes, I understand it may work better for you to make a one time payment. Go with the Lifetime license option if that’s the case.

Does this work with Shopify?

StoreApps develops WooCommerce plugins (and WooCommerce works on WordPress). They don’t work with Shopify. If you’re on Shopify, try Putler – our analytics app.

Does this work with Subscriptions / Memberships / other plugins? Will it work with Storefront / Divi / Astra / ThemeForest / my theme?

We develop our plugins with compatibility in mind. And over the years people have used our plugins in all sorts of setups. So yes, our plugins should work with most themes and plugins out there. There may be exceptions though – especially if you’re using something that overlaps in functionality.

In case you find something incompatible, let us know and we will resolve it. Or provide you a refund if we can’t solve it.

Money back if broken / incompatible / defective…

We invest ton of time and money researching, developing and improving our plugins. We follow the best coding practices and are proud of our plugins. Our support will also solve any problems you may face.

But if the plugin is broken, defective or incompatible with your setup, we will verify your claim and if found legit we will gladly refund your money within first 30 days. We don’t want cursed money!

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