Smart Offers for WooCommerce

Grow your sales on autopilot

Boost sales with dynamic offers in the checkout funnel – WooCommerce one click upsells, cross-sells, one time offers, order bump, BOGO etc. Build unlimited offer flows with conditional pricing, order history etc. Best WooCommerce upsell plugin.

Offers and funnels Dynamic pricing and discounts Targeting rules

  • WooCommerce upsell, downsell

    Show more value-driven product, upgraded version of the existing item user is viewing. Like update to Pro or enterprise license. Or show a lower end version if user rejects.

  • WooCommerce cross-sells, one-time-offers (OTO)

    Show relevant product recommendation or related products to the existing one. Like a memory card on purchase of a mobile. Run one-time-offers like 40% off during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • WooCommerce BOGO

    Show buy one get one, buy 2 get 1 and other similar – “Buy X, Get Y” offers. Example – Buy one T-shirt, get another at 50% off or Free.

  • WooCommerce order bump

    Use order bump on the checkout page to offer a much needed low-priced additional product as a cross-sell offer. Like an extended warranty on purchase of a TV.

  • WooCommerce one-click upsell

    No checkout, no payment. Allow customers to complete the transaction in one-click using our Smart Offers and Buy Now plugin.

  • WooCommerce giveaways, tripwires, backend

    Offer a product for Free. Like get a protective case on purchase of iPhone 12. Run a series of low-priced offers one after the other. Plugin X at 50% off, plugin Y at 60% off. Show tailor made offers on premium products or club membership after the order is placed.

  • WooCommerce product bundles, free shipping offer

    Create product bundles with Chained Products and upsell at a discount using Smart Offers. Example – Bundle of accessories on laptop purchase. Offer free shipping when order total exceeds an amount, say $350.

  • Unlimited sequence of offers in sales funnel

    Create a combination of offers and show to your users based on rules – cart total, previous orders, user role, validity, etc. Upsell-downsell, upsell-cross sell, upsell-BOGO, upsell-order bump-one click upsell, etc.


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People ask how to do upsell with WooCommerce. Or how to target upsell, cross-sell and other offers smartly?

Smart Offers is the answer. With this WooCommerce upsell plugin, users now have the power to build and run unlimited funnels and discount offers in WooCommerce and target them to the right users.

And they’re in awe with Smart Offers!

“Grossed over $20K in offers!”

My company was looking for a plug-in for our website to add an upsell pop-up. After reviewing a couple of different plug-ins, we chose Smart Offers from StoreApps and are happy we did. We purchased 1-year for $99 and in that year, our pop-ups have grossed over $20K!! It was well worth the investment. So now we upgraded to the Lifetime plan.

Seth Reynolds review of Smart Offers plugin
Seth Reynolds

“Better than other popular WooCommerce upsell plugins ”

I’ve tried several ways of doing upsells in a variety of systems (including Infusionsoft, Clickfunnels, LeadPages, and other WordPress plugins). I think I may have finally found the one in Smart Offers that I will use going forward for any WooCommerce setups. Highly customizable and great support.

Jonathan Kraft Smart Offers plugin review
Jonathan Kraft

“Unmatched features and power…”

Upselling and down selling a digital good like a membership in a store that sells “physical goods” can be difficult but Smart Offers makes it easy! Plugin has features better than all others and comes with quick and professional support.

Danna Rossi review of Smart Offers plugin
Danna Rossi

Boost sales using dynamic pricing and discount rules

Creating checkout offer funnels and multi-step cart flows with Smart Offers WooCommerce plugin is very simple. You get powerful targeting rules, can create as many offers as you like, and can also chain offers to create sequenced funnels.

Setup discount offers quickly… no coding required

Select the product to offer, set the price, publish and preview.

  • Pick a product on offer and set offer price
  • Decide where do you want to show the offer and how – inline or as a popup? Or via shortcode?
  • Add display rules – when should the offer show up?
  • Pick up accept and reject actions
  • Fully customize offer design with HTML and custom CSS and supported page builders.
  • Preview and confirm everything looks great!
Create Upsell Downsell Special Offers in WooCommerce with Smart Offers plugin
Create Upsell Downsell Special Offers in WooCommerce with Smart Offers plugin
Personalize and segment with powerful targeting rules and actions

You get complete control over who, where, when will see your offer, and what happens if they accept or skip your offer.

  • Target offers based on users – whether they are registered, how long they have been customers, what products they have previously purchased and more.
  • Target offers based on the cart status, contents, categories, total value, product quantity, attributes.
  • Target offers based on your website pages – cart page, checkout, order completion, “My Account” page or any other custom page.
  • Schedule offers to run automatically.
  • No need to create multiple offers for multiple rules. Create a single offer and set up multiple rules within the same offer using AND-OR rules.
Sequence offers to create high converting funnels

Funnels are the real secret to growing sales. Funnels are essentially a sequence of offers – automatically showing based on user actions. Smart Offers make WooCommerce marketing automation simple.

  • Do you want to show another upsell when an offer is accepted? Or a downsell if rejected? Want to redirect to another URL? Smart Offers lets you design flexible funnel sequences.
  • Accept / reject actions: add or remove product from cart, apply coupons, do not show this offer again, show another offer, redirect to another page/site
  • Show different offers on cart / checkout / order complete pages
  • Show offers in a sequence using ‘Offer Priority’.
  • Or instantly checkout with Buy Now plugin.
  • Preview and confirm everything looks great!
Create Upsell Downsell Special Offers in WooCommerce with Smart Offers plugin

Track conversions, tweak offers, optimize

Smart Offers also tracks conversion metrics. So you can review these reports and optimize your offers. You can also view how much revenue Smart Offers contributes to an order.

Page builders, one-click upsells, multi-lingual offers…

Compatibility with top WooCommerce and WordPress plugins and themes

Smart Offers integrates with above popular WordPress page builder plugins to help you create more attractive offer templates. Plus you can easily show upsell, downsell, BOGO, cross-sell offers on subscription products and earn more revenue. Smart Offers is also compatible with themes that fully declare WooCommerce support.

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