Smart Offers For WooCommerce

Grow your sales on autopilot. Create powerful WooCommerce upsells, downsells, cross-sells, BOGO, order bumps, one-time offers, backend offers, sales funnels and more. Increase conversions & maximize profits.

Grom Your Sales on Autopilot

Smart Offers for WooCommerce

Powerful WooCommerce sales funnels and offers plugin with extensive targeting rules and actions.
Complex custom funnels made easy. Use with our other plugins for flexible order / cart flows & one-click upsells.

Run dozens of Offer types in WooCommerce with Smart Offers plugin

Conditional, multi-step WooCommerce funnels – based on cart / order / customer…

Upsell, Downsell, One Time Offers in action

Smart Offers created an extensive offer funnel in above example. Here’s what happened in this sales funnel sequence:

  1. When someone adds a camera to cart, show them a “complete kit” bundle as an upsell.
  2. If they reject it, downsell a memory card at a special discount.
  3. Show battery as a cross-sell offer after that.
  4. On order complete, give away an ebook.
  5. Finally, offer a backend product (digital photography course) from My Account area.

All this is happening based on user’s buying behavior, purchase history and offers that they accepted / rejected in the funnel.

6x Your Revenue: Your website can be a
money minting machine!

A prospect is much more likely to buy additional relevant products while they’re buying one product. Amazon and every other big store smartly use this fact with psychological triggers to maximize average customer value.

Super Profit System - Sales Funnel Example

Offering upsells and cross-sells is not sufficient though. You need to smartly place your offers and show them only to people who’re likely to accept them.

Here’s a typical sales funnel for online businesses:

Typical Upsell Downsell Funnel in ecommerce

With Smart Offers, you now have the power to build and run unlimited funnels and offers in WooCommerce.

Want to learn the formula to 6x your revenue? And how funnels can be useful on your site? Watch this video:

Run any type of offer in WooCommerce on auto-pilot…

WooCommerce upsells, cross-sells, order bump, etc… Create and show any offer or combination of offers based on your needs. Smart Offers is your virtual salesperson, working for you day and night, continually nudging customers to buy more.


Show more value-driven product, upgraded version or additional item. Update to Pro or enterprise license.


Show related or complementary products. Get memory card on purchase of a mobile.


Offer a lower priced variant when user rejects an offer. Take small-size fries pack with big Mac.

Sales funnel

Create a combination of offers and show to your users. Upsell, downsell, cross-sell; upsell, upsell; etc.


Show Buy One Get One offer. Buy one pizza, get another pizza at a discount or Free.

Order Bump

Offer a much needed low-priced additional product on checkout page. Get 12 months extended warranty.

Backend offers

Tailor made offers shown only after order completion. Premium products, bundles or club membership.


Offer a product for Free. Get this protective case Free on purchase of iPhone 11.


Create irresistible product bundles and upsell at a discount. Set of accessories on laptop purchase.


Run a series of low-priced offers one after the other. Plugin X 50% off, plugin Y 60% off, plugin Z 55% off.

Free shipping

Offer free shipping when order total exceeds a particular amount, say $250.

One-click upsells

No checkout, no payment. All happens in one-click. Needs Buy Now plugin.

Simple setup, Impressive ongoing results!

Creating offers and multi-step funnels with Smart Offers WooCommerce plugin is very simple. You get powerful targeting rules, can create as many offers as you like, and can also chain offers to create sequenced funnels.

Setup offers quickly… no coding required

Select the product to offer, set the price, publish and preview.

  • Pick a product on offer and set offer price
  • Decide where do you want to show the offer and how – inline or as a popup? Or via shortcode?
  • Add display rules – when should the offer show up?
  • Pick up accept and reject actions
  • Fully customize offer design with HTML and custom CSS and supported page builders.
  • Preview and confirm everything looks great!
Create Upsell Downsell Special Offers in WooCommerce with Smart Offers plugin
Dynamically Display Offers Based On Conditions in WooCommerce with Smart Offers extension

Personalize and segment with powerful targeting rules and actions

You get complete control over who, where, when will see your offer, and what happens if they accept or skip your offer.

  • Target offers based on users – whether they are registered, how long they have been customers, what products they have previously purchased and more.
  • Target offers based on the cart status, contents, categories, total value, attributes.
  • Target offers based on your website pages – cart page, checkout, order completion, “My Account” page or any other custom page.
  • Schedule offers to run automatically.

Complex segmenting rules using and-or conditions

Most other funnel plugins don’t give you all the power you need. Smart Offers does.

  • No need to create multiple offers for multiple rules. Create a single offer and set up multiple rules within the same offer.
  • Works for all types of products.
  • Well suited to grow sales for multiple product variations.

Sequence offers to create high converting funnels

Funnels are the real secret to growing sales. Funnels are essentially a sequence of offers – automatically showing based on user actions.

Do you want to show another upsell when an offer is accepted? Or a downsell if rejected? Want to redirect to another URL? Smart Offers lets you design flexible funnel sequences.

Setting up Accept Reject Actions and Sequence of Offers as Sales Funnels and One Time Offers in WooCommerce with Smart Offers
  • Accept / reject actions: add or remove product from cart, apply coupons, do not show this offer again, show another offer, redirect to another page/site
  • Show different offers on cart / checkout / order complete pages
  • Show offers in a sequence using ‘Offer Priority’.
  • Or instantly checkout with Buy Now plugin.

Smart Offers is well worth the investment

SethMy company was looking for a plug-in for our website to add an upsell pop-up. After reviewing a couple of different plug-ins, we chose Smart Offers from StoreApps and are happy we did. We purchased 1-year for $99 and in that year, our pop-ups have grossed over $20K!! It was well worth the investment. So now we upgraded to the Lifetime plan. ~ Seth Reynolds. BeneFIT Medical Apparel

Track conversions, tweak offers, optimize

Smart Offers also tracks conversion metrics. So you can review these reports and optimize your offers. You can also view how much revenue Smart Offers contribute to an order.

Manage, track and optimize all your offers

  • Dashboard widget with summary stats – revenue from offers, conversion rate, offers seen, skipped, accepted, paid through.
  • Stats for each individual offer – so you can tweak / optimize them.
  • Quickly review and filter all your offers and their performance.

Lots of Powerful Features

Smart Offers works very well with other plugins, so you can use page builders to design your offers and even do one-click upsells or multi-lingual offers…

Quick RoI, 15-20% Conversion Rate…

Thousands of people use Smart Offers for WooCommerce and tell us about their breakthrough results. Most people get additional sales that offset the cost of the plugin in just a few hours.

IlanaI’m very excited about all of the possibilities that the Smart Offers plugin offers for my client websites. All of the options make it infinitely customizable and the support is terrific! ~ Ilana Rosenblum Guttman.

So, should you buy Smart Offers?

Thousands of people use Smart Offers for WooCommerce and tell us about their breakthrough results. Most people get additional sales that offset the cost of the plugin in just a few hours.

  • Would you like higher revenue on autopilot?
  • How will your business change if you made even 10% more on an average order?
  • What if you could sell out your inventory quickly and customers actually felt better about buying more?
  • Do you want to use proven tactics that every big ecommerce business is using?

If you answered YES to even one of the above questions, then buying Smart Offers today will certainly be a good decision!

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