10x better and great value for money

“This is a life-saver!”

Smart Manager has saved me HOURS (maybe even days) of work! It makes tedious tasks really simple and quick. The support team is fantastic too. Totally worth purchasing the premium version.

The BBCream Girl The BBCream Girl

“A whole afternoon’s work in seconds”

We recommend Smart Manager Pro to everyone who is looking for an extremely multi-functional store manager. Never again without Smart Manager.

Acrom Acrom

“A must for every WooCommerce store.”

Such a helpful app! I have a lot of products and this helps see things at a glance instead of one at a time. I love inline editing feature and the bulk changes.

Sandra Rose Sandra Rose
Running a million-dollar business, or just started… if you’re spending time on chores, your business sinks. Don’t reject help; stop swimming against the tide.

Perform these tasks with ease and peace

  • Search, view, bulk edit and manage all post types from a familiar spreadsheet like interface.
  • Bulk edit product prices, inventory, names, categories and other attributes.
  • View and manage product variations.
  • Stock log – see the stock history for each product and identify how quickly it is moving.
  • Look up orders and customers quickly.
  • Add new products, orders, coupons, blog posts or other WordPress post types directly using the spreadsheet.
  • Add, manage and edit custom orders.
  • Set – and revert – sale prices for promotions.
  • Undo bulk and inline edits.
  • Advanced export of orders, products, customers, users, any WordPress post type data to CSV.
  • Add custom meta field values.
  • Email notifications to customers on change of order status.
  • Delete all products / delete products based on filters, product categories and attributes.
  • Quickly change discount rules for many coupons at once.
  • Search and bulk edit backorders, offer discount for backorders, export them.
  • Manage and bulk edit custom taxonomies – assign taxonomies to multiple posts at once, export to CSV…
  • Search using multiple AND, OR conditions, search operators (<,>,=,<=, >=, is, contains…), drop-down filters.
  • Change product image for all products in a category.
  • Print PDF invoices in bulk or individually, add your brand logo to the invoices.
  • Duplicate product, make edits and create variable products quickly with Smart Manager. To bulk create and price thousands of variations, try our Bulk Variations Manager plugin.
  • Manage media directly – add, delete ‘Product Gallery Images’
  • Set SEO, customer reviews, subscription and other properties.
  • Manage WordPress user roles – change user role, change password, etc.
  • Change customer’s email address – as well as other details.
  • View customer’s lifetime value, last order date and contact details.
  • Bulk edit post status, post categories, post date, post tags, etc.
  • Set permissions based on user roles as to who can access particular dashboards and custom views.
  • Rename Column headers; Sale Price becomes Discount Price.
  • Import products, orders and any other post types (coming soon).
  • And many more…

Get your precious time back

Accomplish 60 hours of work in 6 minutes

You need to open each product to edit price, stock, category, description and other data. For thousands of products, the time spent, frustration, stress, and calculation errors keep piling up.

Mundane store tasks without using Smart Manager

  • Add one new product or edit details → 3 mins
  • Open and edit 1000s of products one-by-one → 3 hours – 30 hours
  • Search any record to make edits → 3 mins
  • Create 1000s of duplicates → 3 hours – 30 hours
  • Search and delete products → 3 mins
Time spent ≈ 6 hours – 60 hours

Using Smart Manager

  • 30 seconds (Inline edit)
  • 2 mins (Bulk edit)
  • 1 min (Search & Edit)
  • 2 mins (Duplicate)
  • 1 min (Search & Delete)
Time spent ≈ 6 minutes

The same is with orders, coupons, blog posts, users, and any WordPress post type. You are getting massive time-savings and 10x productivity boost with Smart Manager.

Use this saved time for other business activities and make memories with your family and friends. If you agree, Smart Manager is for you.


You’ll surely get results once you start using it

Smart Manager will create huge value for you, your team and your business. Stop staying tangled in store management and focus on your business growth.

Common to all licenses

  • Manage all post types – WooCommerce & WordPress
  • Full bulk edit with cascading actions
  • Export, advanced search, single page spreadsheet
  • Regular updates and support for one year
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$199 /yr

Use on one site. Renews annually, cancel anytime.

$249 /yr

Use on five sites. Renews annually, cancel anytime.

Special Offer on Enterprise Plans
Need an enterprise license? Need white glove service, high SLA, dedicated account manager or integration assistance? We’ve got you covered. Write to us and we will scope a plan that’s tailored to your needs.

“You’ll get way MORE than what you pay for!”

Premium Top Rated WooCommerce Plugin

I run a WooCommerce site with over 10,000 products, and this tool has been invaluable. It saves so much time, it is hard to imagine going back to life without it. Beyond that, the support has been responsive, consistent than any other theme, plugin or even hosting provider. I highly recommend the paid version of Smart Manager.

Matt Matt Hall, Scepter Marketing

Common questions

How will I get the plugin? How do I install it?

When you checkout and complete the order, you will be able to download the plugin. You can then install it in your own WordPress site. It works like all other WordPress plugins – but read this documentation if you need help. BTW, you can always download your purchases again by logging into our site.

What if I buy one year license and then cancel?

You can certainly do that if you wish. Cancellation is easy. You can manage all your subscriptions easily from your account. But keep in mind that you are eligible for support and updates only if your license is active. So you will need to buy again at then prevailing prices if you cancel now and need updates later.

How do you count number of sites for a license?

Each website – whether it is a subdomain, cross-domain, subdirectories… is considered a separate website. Learn more about it from here.

Can I upgrade later?

Yes. Read more about it from here.

What if I want a refund?

We offers refunds within 30 days of purchase, if the plugin is broken, and if we do not solve it in reasonable time, after mutual communication. Renewals, problems due to third-party plugins / themes / code / hosting etc do not qualify for a refund. Please read all our terms here.

I have some other question. How do I contact you?

It’s good to have questions! Reach out to us with your questions and we will answer them at the earliest.

What do you call someone with no body and no nose?

Nobody knows! But we’re good people and passionate about solving problems for people like you. You’re safe when you buy from StoreApps.

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