Introduction & Live Demo for Buy Now

Reduce steps in the purchase process. Create special buy now links or enable buy now for the entire store. WooCommerce Buy Now plugin uses past order information to auto-fill billing and payment details and enables direct checkout or one-click checkout on your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Buy Now allows you to create special Buy Now links which makes the complete purchase process in a single step. That means, no cart, no checkout, no payment screens. Direct order complete.

This Buy Now link will have all information about products to be purchased, coupons to be applied, shipping method for current order & target page on which it should redirect to, after completing the buy now process

Feature highlights

  • Enable Buy Now button for entire store / each product / product categories
  • Customize the ‘Buy Now’ button text
  • Convert all “Add to Cart” actions to “Buy Now”
  • Show both Add to cart and Buy Now button together
  • Embed coupons, choose shipping methods with Buy Now links
  • Include multiple products & coupons in the Buy Now link
  • Embed Buy Now links in emails, social media, anywhere on site
  • Redirect to any page using Buy Now links
  • Works for both guests and logged-in users
  • One-click checkout for supported payment gateways

Live demo

Click here to check the live demo of WooCommerce Buy Now.

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