Introduction & Live Demo for Buy Now

Reduce steps in the purchase process. Create special buy now links or enable buy now for entire store. Uses past order information to auto-fill billing and payment details.

WooCommerce Buy Now allows you to create special Buy Now links which makes complete purchase process in a single step. Allow your customers to just click on a link. Additionally, if all required settings are in-place, complete payment also in a single step.

This Buy Now link will have all information about products to be purchased, coupons to be applied, shipping method for current order & target page on which it should redirect to, after completing buy now process.

Feature Highlights

  • Simple, easy to create Buy Now link
  • 1-click Buy Now link
  • Convert “checkout” action to “Express Checkout”
  • Convert all “add to cart” actions to “Buy Now”
  • Custom texts for “Add to cart” & “Checkout”
  • Can include multiple products & coupons

Live Demo

Click here to check Live Demo of WooCommerce Buy Now.

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