Buy Now Settings

You can find WooCommerce Buy Now storewide settings at WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Buy Now.

Buy Now Settings
Buy Now Settings
  • Don’t change, keep standard “add to cart / checkout” actions : If enabled, this will not override default “add to cart” & “checkout” action of WooCommerce
  • Convert “checkout” action to “Express Checkout” : If enabled, this will convert all WooCommerce “checkout” action to “Express Checkout”. For example, the default “Proceed to checkout” button will now act as “Express Checkout” and it’ll try to take customer to final step including payments. If Buy Now will not find any required information in-between, it’ll take you to that information for changing.
  • Convert all “add to cart” actions to “Buy Now” : If enabled, this will convert all “add to cart” button to behave as “Buy Now” link. It means, when this button clicked, it’ll try to take customer to final step including payments.
  • Label for “Add to Cart” button : When ‘Convert all “add to cart” actions to “Buy Now”‘ is enabled, you can add a custom text for ‘Add to cart’ button. This text will replace ‘Add to cart’ storewide with your custom text
  • Label for “Express Checkout” button : When ‘Convert “checkout” action to “Express Checkout”‘ enabled, you can add custom text for all “checkout” action, storewide
  • 1-step or 2-step : By default, all Buy Now link will behave as 1-click Buy Now. But when this setting is enabled, the same Buy Now process will behave as 2-click Buy Now. Basically, this adds a confirmation page just before payment.

What is Express Checkout?

Express Checkout button will be visible on Cart page just above Proceed to Checkout button. If a customer’s payment information is available from their previous order and if they click on Express Checkout button from cart page, then customer’s order will be automatically completed thus saving them one step in the checkout process (as they won’t be shown checkout page).

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