Log In as Any User – Fastest Method

The plugin gives you the power of the fastest method to login as any user.

Why you need this

You keep improving your website by adding different features for a better user experience. So when you want for yourself to check how the features are performing, this plugin comes into the picture.

The solution

Express Login For WordPress plugin allows you to log in as your subscriber. You can log into their account & see how the feature looks. It gives you a single link which you can copy by just clicking on it as shown in the following image.


After you’ve copied the link, now open your browser’s Incognito Mode (Google Chrome) OR Private Browsing (Mozilla Firefox & Safari) OR InPrivate Browsing (Microsoft Edge), paste the link in the address field & hit enter. That’s it!

You’re logged in as your customer. You can verify this by navigating to the account or profile page.

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