Licensing Related Queries

1. Why store connection is mandatory?

In order to receive plugin updates and support, you would need to connect your store to your account on StoreApps. It is mandatory to complete your store connection because only then you will be notified about future plugin updates.

2. How to connect my store to my account?

Click here to know.

3. How long my plugin license and support is valid?

If you have an Annual plugin license, then your plugin license is valid for one year and you will be billed annually (until cancelled).
If you have a Lifetime plugin license then your plugin license is valid for lifetime and no renewal is needed. Read more from here

4. How do plugin license work on a Multisite network? Do I need one or multiple sites license plan for Mutlisite Network?

You will need a different license for each of your site in the Multisite network. So you will have to go for either Business (5 sites) or Agency (25 sites) license plans.
If you need a custom plan with higher sites, then contact us.

5. How do I de-activate/transfer my plugin license to another site?

You can only transfer your license to another site, when your first site is no longer active or you had earlier installed license on a staging site. If there is either of the case, then contact us along with your order details and we will do that for you.

6. Is it possible to upgrade anytime from Personal (1 site) license to Business (5 sites) or Agency (25 sites) license plans OR from Annual plan to Lifetime plan?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade your license at anytime. But the best period to upgrade would be within 30 days of your purchase otherwise Pro rated amount will be applied. Write to us from here for upgrading your license.

7. What kind of license/subscription do you offer?

We offer two types of licenses/subscription – Annual and Lifetime.
The Annual license is auto billed annually and the Lifetime license is billed only once (at the time of purchase).

Queries while renewing plugin license

1. What do I receive when renewing plugin license?

Renewing your plugin license entitles you to support and updates to plugin. This ensures compatibility with newer versions of WordPress and WooCommerce, as well as bug fixes, new features and enhancements to the plugin.

2. If my plugin license is expired, does that mean I can no longer use the plugin?

If your plugin license is expired, you can neither access the plugin files to download nor receive support or updates for the plugin.

3. I have a free plugin, do I need to renew?


4. Will I get auto renewal reminder email before my plugin license auto renews?

If you have not unsubscribed from our mailing list, then you will receive a auto renewal reminder email 15days prior to your plugin license renew.

5. Do I have to manually renew my Elite Club Membership?

No. Elite Club Membership is on auto renewal.

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