How do the Regular Price, Sale Price, and Price fields of WooCommerce products differ from each other?

Different fields help manage WooCommerce product pricing. Let’s see how regular price, sale price, and price fields differ:

  • Regular Price:
    • Standard or non-discounted price of a product.
    • This is the price that customers would typically expect to pay for the product under normal circumstances, without any discounts or special promotions applied.
    • Serves as the base price for the product.
  • Sale Price:
    • A reduced price offered for a limited time, lower than the regular price.
    • Often utilized during promotions, sales events, or for clearing out inventory.
    • When the sale period ends or if the sale price is removed, the regular price will be displayed again.
  • Price:

    • This is the current price you pay for the product.
    • If the product is on sale, the price field shows the sale price; otherwise, it displays the regular price.
    • Modifying this price directly won’t affect anything, as it’s automatically calculated from the ‘Regular Price’ or ‘Sale Price’ fields.

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