Smart Manager After-Purchase FAQ

Note: WordPress WP_DEBUG mode should be set to false on your site while using Smart Manager.

1. I can’t see data in Smart Manager

Please make sure you are using the latest version of Smart Manager. If still the issue persists, deactivate all other plugins except WooCommerce and Smart Manager and have a re-check the issue.

If the issue goes away, keep on activating other plugins one-by-one, to find out which plugin was conflicting and let us know about that plugin. If the issue still persists, contact us.

2. What does the blue line (besides some products) in Smart Manager Products dashboard indicate?

Blue line beside the product name indicates product variations (child) of a variable product (parent).

Also, while updating the Regular Price & Sale Price of variable parent product, it is handled by WooCommerce based on the variation child.

3. Updating variation parent price / sale price not working

Smart Manager is based on WooCommerce and the same e-commerce plugin sets the price / sale price of the variation parents automatically based on the price / sale price of its variations.

4. Why am I not able to view all columns in Smart Manager? Can I customize Smart Manager by adding / removing columns?

To keep things easier to understand, Smart Manager shows the most important fields by default. You can show / hide additional columns. Here’s how. You can only show new fields from here. You cannot add new fields to this list.

5. How can I update one product or products based on a particular category?

It is very easy to achieve this using Smart Manager. Use simple search or advanced search functionality to enter product or category name, enclose the name in double quotes for exact match. Then use bulk edit to perform all actions you want.

6. Does Smart Manager support custom columns added by another plugin?

Yes, Smart Manager supports custom columns added by another plugin (Version 4.0+ onwards).

7. How to manage any custom fields of any custom plugin?

You would need to save at least a single product with that custom plugin fields from WooCommerce edit product page. Then only Smart Manager will detect those custom fields and will display them in the dashboard.

8. How to show Price / Sale Price with more than one decimal point after the decimal separator?

For example, the price to be displayed as 25.57 instead of 25.
There is a setting in WooCommerce which lets you set the number of decimal points to be shown in prices after the decimal separator.

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > General.
  • There under Currency Options, you will find the Number of Decimals to be set. You can set it to any value you want and then have re-check with Smart Manager functionality.

9. Simple / Advanced Search functionality not working

Please make sure you are using the latest version of Smart Manager. Kindly deactivate and then reactivate Smart Manager once and then have a check with the Smart Manager search functionality. If the issue still persists, contact us.

10. I cannot see the ‘Description’ column anywhere

Update Smart Manager to 4.0+ and you will be able to see it. You can also update the product description as and when required.

11. Can I undo Bulk Edit results?


12. Can I bulk edit or upload featured images with Smart Manager?

Yes, you can bulk edit or upload featured image for multiple products.

13. Can I edit serialized data in Smart Manager?

Yes, Smart Manager allows you to edit serialized data (Version 4.1.0+ onwards).

14. How to sort the entire database in Smart Manager?

Click on a specific column header in the grid to sort it in the entire database in Smart Manager. For removing the sort, keep clicking on the same column header till the ‘blue arrow’ (beside the column name) is gone, and by default Smart manager will list records sorted by ID in descending order.

15. I can’t access the Smart Manager page even when my user is having an ‘administrator’ user role?

Could you please have a check and make sure that your user login (using which you are trying to access Smart Manager) does have all the ‘administrator’ user role capabilities.

Also, if you using any custom plugin to add/modify capabilities to user roles, then please make sure that all the capabilities are properly assigned.

Lastly, you can try to create a test user with an ‘administrator’ user role and then try to access Smart Manager using the same.

If the issue still persists, contact us.

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