How to Filter Records using Advanced Search

Advanced Search lets you get to specific results by allowing you to put multiple conditions while searching.

You can also use the Advanced Search with multiple AND, multiple OR, multiple AND + OR conditions and search operators (<,>,=,<=, >=, is, contains, etc.)
Example – Search for SKU – WC01 and price >= $100.

Watch the video below to see how Advanced Search works using Multiple AND, multiple OR conditions.

Steps to perform Advanced Search

smart manager advanced search

  1. Click or slide the toggle to enable Advanced Search
  2. Enter multiple conditions in the same search bar to apply AND conditions
  3. Click on the “+” button to add another search bar to apply OR rule
  4. Add your multiple conditions with ‘AND’ rule in this search box

This will then check between the search conditions of different search boxes and get you exact results.

Note: Advanced Search with multiple AND and multiple OR is available in Smart Manager Pro version only.

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