Smart Manager Pre-Purchase FAQ’s

1. What do I get in the Free/Lite version?

Spreadsheet like view of products, customers and orders. Search and navigation, limited inline editing for products, ability to delete multiple items at once, a quick edit link to WP e-Commerce / WooCommerce editing screen. Check Free/Lite version from here.

2. What do the Paid/Pro versions give me?

Paid versions (Single, Multi-site and Developer) allow managing product variations (WPeC 3.8+ or WooCommerce 2.1+ required), inline editing on all fields right within the spreadsheet view and a powerful Batch Update screen where you can apply multiple smart update actions to selected / all items. For Customers, you can see total sales for each customer and their last order details. You can also export data into CSV.

3. Can I Import data using Smart Manager?

No, you cannot import data using Smart Manager.

4. Can I Export data in CSV using Smart Manager?

Yes, you can. Export feature is available in Pro version.

5. What browsers does Smart Manager work with?

Smart Manager works best in Firefox and Chrome. It is not compatible with IE.

6. How do I upgrade a Lite version to a Pro version?

Follow steps listed here: How to Update from Lite to Pro Version

7. Is Smart Manager WPML compatible?

Smart Manager is not fully WPML compatible. In other words, Smart Manager will display and let you manage the different translations of the product, however, it will not update all the translations on updation of any one of the translations for a given product.

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