How to Print Order Invoices PDF / Edit Them

1. Print order invoices

  1. Select ‘Orders’ post type from the drop-down
  2. Select the orders you want to print
  3. Click on the ‘Print Invoice’ button at the top
  4. Adjust the settings of the Print

All your order invoices will be printed in PDF format.

2. Adding company logo for printing order invoices

Miscellaneous Features

  1. Suppose you want to print your order invoices with your company logo on it
  2. Go to the ‘Settings’ link at the extreme top right
  3. Upload your company logo
  4. Click on Apply

All your order invoices will be printed in PDF format having your company logo.

3. Edit order invoice PDF?

All the overridable template files can be found within the /smart-manager-for-wp-e-commerce/pro/templates directory.

The order invoice PDFs are generated via an existing template that is located in the templates directory of Smart Manager. If you want to edit or modify the content or change the layout of the order invoice PDF, there are two ways to do it.

1. Apply change in file (Upgrade-unsafe):

  • Open file smart-manager-for-wp-e-commerce/pro/templates/order-invoice.php.
  • Modify its content and style as needed.
    Note: This method is not recommended as you’ll lose all the changes once you update Smart Manager plugin to a new version.

2. Use another template file (Upgrade-safe):

  • Use your own template in place of the default one provided by Smart Manager.
  • Copy the template into a directory within your theme named /woocommerce keeping the same file structure but removing the /templates/ subdirectory.

    Example: To override the PDF template of the invoice,
    copy: wp-content/plugins/smart-manager-for-wp-e-commerce/pro/templates/order-invoice.php to wp-content/themes/yourtheme/woocommerce/smart-manager-for-wp-e-commerce/order-invoice.php.

  • The copied file will now override the Smart Manager’s default template file.

Smart Manager will use your template file (if found) for generating all order invoice PDFs.

Note: Above mentioned features are available in Pro version only.