Privileges for Different System Roles

Smart Manager allows access control i.e. it allows you to manage privileges for different WordPress user roles (default + custom) as to what they can do within Smart Manager and what they can’t.

Steps to set-up privileges for different system roles in Smart Manager

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ link at the extreme top right
  2. You’ll see user roles – Customer, Shop Manager, Editor, Pending and other custom user roles.
  3. Simply add what dashboards you want to give access to each of the user types.
  4. Click on Apply

Privileges for different System Roles

By default, if a user has access to manage any post type in WordPress Admin, then that post type will be automatically accessible to them in Smart Manager.

Example, if a user has access to manage Products, then the Products dashboard of Smart Manager will be accessible for them.

Note: This functionality is available in Pro version only.