Introduction & Live Demo for Serial Key

WooCommerce License Manager and Serial Key is an amazing, simple, easy to use extension for your WooCommerce store. It can make a WooCommerce downloadable product to generate unique serial keys for each purchase.

When this feature is enabled for any downloadable product, the store will automatically generate a unique serial key for each purchased product & it will also send those serial keys in the ‘Order completed’ email. The serial keys for the product will also be available on the customer’s account.

Along with the generation of serial keys, this plugin also gives the power to validate them. It automatically enables the validation process on your site. To know more about the validation process, you can go to WooCommerce >Serial Key‘ from the sidebar admin menu from your WordPress admin panel.

You can also filter the orders lists using serial keys.

Feature highlights

  • Simple, easy to configure / setup
  • Applicable for both simple & variable downloadable products
  • Included validation process to increase security for your digital products
  • Generate unique serial key for each purchased products
  • Generate serial keys from your own file (import a CSV file containing pre-defined serial keys)
  • Serial Key visible on My Account
  • Generate a serial key for each quantity of the product
  • Separate page for your customer to manage their serial key usage
  • Add / Update serial key for previously created orders
  • Search / Filter orders using serial key
  • Limit number of usage for a Serial Key
  • Also checks download limit & expired downloads
  • Template for including serial key in invoice / order

Live demo

Click here to view a live demo of WooCommerce License Manager and Serial Key plugin.