WooCommerce Licensing & Serial Key

Sell software licenses and serial keys with WooCommerce. Automatically issue, validate and manage unique keys. Easy to use and integrate.

Simplicity + Power: for users and developers.

WooCommerce Licensing & Serial Key plugin

Avoid creating complex license management forever

License management and serial keys can get complex.

Users have to store serial keys and licenses, apply them at right places and not lose them.

On the other hand, for the issuer / developer, generating and distributing keys as well as controlling unauthorized usage beyond permitted limits is a nightmare. They often end up creating complex systems.

If you have multiple products, these is even a bigger problem.

If you are distributing unique keys for any other purpose – group buying, offers, third party integrations – you need to not only generate keys and manage integrations, but also build the website for distribution.

If you build a license management solution yourself or if you are stuck with a complex solution, you are wasting not only yours, but also your customers’ valuable, creative time.

For all use cases of virtual / downloadable product distribution, software and memberships that require a unique key to identify a purchased license, this is the plugin of choice. It cannot be used for physical products.

Use WooCommerce to sell your virtual / downloadable product, and use this plugin to issue, validate and manage keys.

Order completion email showing serial keys issued with products

WooCommerce Serial Key
Automatically issued serial keys / licenses in WooCommerce order confirmation email

Powerful features

  • Simple: WooCommerce Licensing and Serial Key plugin is designed to be simple for both users and developers.
  • Automatic: It automatically issues serial keys to customers on product purchase.
  • Control Access: Assign unique serial key for each purchased product and set the expiry date, download limits and number of times a key can be used (so flexible licensing!)
  • Dedicated dashboard: Easily track each and every key’s status, edit key details, apply multiple search filters for managing keys.
  • Import: If you have pre-generated keys, you can import them with a CSV file.
  • Validation: Simple API to call from your software/third party system to validate keys and track usage
  • Tight WooCommerce integration: Show keys on My Account page, templates to show keys on order / invoice, separate page for customers to manage their serial keys

This is the most simple and effective WooCommerce license manager.

New powerful feature – Serial Key per quantity for WooCommerce

Earlier, WooCommerce Serial Key used to generate only one serial key for one product, irrespective of the quantity of the product. For example, if you purchased three quantities of Smart Manager, a single serial key would be issued for all the three.

Now, if you purchase five quantities of Smart Manager, you would have five serial keys, one for each Smart Manager respectively.

WooCommerce Serial Key
One serial key per Smart Manager respectively.

See it in action

Key distribution

When someone purchases a product, a serial key will be issued automatically. The key will also be available in their My Account area, and included in the order confirmation email.

WooCommerce Serial Key
Available keys visible in My Account

Validating licenses

This example shows serial key validation – internally the system uses a UUID to identify the user (which can be their email address, domain name, or anything else you choose). We have a simple HTTP based integration API so you can add the validation routine in any system/software. See our integration documentation for more.

WooCommerce Serial Key
Simple validation API –
this example shows limit exceeded

Setting up

You can setup license key issuance on any downloadable simple product or variation. If you’ve set an expiry for the product (number of days or downloads), the license key will be rejected once product access expires.

WooCommerce Serial Key
Automatically issue keys with product purchases

Customer managed licenses

Customers can manage their licenses from WooCommerce My Account area. For example, our plugins are licensed based on number of sites. As licenses are validated, those sites will show up in license management area within customer’s dashboard. If they wish, they can remove some sites to stop using the plugin on an old site, and activate it on a new site.

WooCommerce Serial Key
Page to manage serial key usage

Easier administration

We’ve added features to WooCommerce so you can easily manage serial keys and orders. You can search for a customer order using a serial key, update serial keys in an order and even remove them. This will save you ton of efforts!

WooCommerce Serial Key
Finding orders using a serial key

Live demo & integration documentation

We have written extensive (and easy to follow) guides on how you can use the plugin, validate licenses and its API. Read WooCommerce Licensing & Serial Key documentation

You may also try out the Live Demo for WooCommerce Licensing & Serial Keys plugin.

Simplify your license management today!

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy building your products. Don’t let freeloaders and frauds jeopardize your business.

Keep your products secure and let the money keep coming in.

Go ahead and buy WooCommerce Licensing & Serial Key plugin. We will be ready to help with your integration.


2016.12.26 - version 1.7.9
 * Fix: Serial Keys not visible on Downloads Tab on My Account page for WooCommerce Subscriptions products (version 2.0+)
 * Update: POT file

2016.11.14 - version 1.7.8
 * Fix: Serial Keys not visible on Downloads Tab on My Account page if WooCommerce version is 2.6.5+
 * Update: POT file

2016.10.10 - version 1.7.7
 * Update: Important changes related to Automatic Updates of this plugin
 * Update: POT file

2016.08.04 - version 1.7.6
 * New: Fastest access to documentation in admin panel through Quick Help widget
 * Fix: Showing error "Download has expired" for valid serial key as well
 * Update: Carry forward UUIDs from previous orders to new order
 * Update: During serial key validation, consider all previous UUIDs as well

2016.06.20 - version 1.7.5
 * New: Tested upto WooCommerce 2.6+
 * Update: Serial Keys are now visible on Downloads Tab on My Account Page (WooCommerce 2.6+)
 * Update: Added compatibility files for WooCommerce 2.5 & WooCommerce 2.6
 * Update: Minor changes in upgrade file
 * Update: Changes on Welcome Page
 * Update: POT file

2016.05.26 - version 1.7.4
 * Fix: Upgrade file - Un-necessary calls for latest update on every background process
 * Update: Minor jQuery change for social links styles on plugins page
 * Update: Upgrade file - Update plugin's download url if required
 * Update: Removal of PHP notices generated from upgrade file
 * Update: Additional filter for modifying validation response

2016.01.27 - version 1.7.3
 * New: Tested up to WooCommerce 2.5
 * New: Sample CSV file for importing Serial Keys
 * Update: CSS tweaks for Welcome Page
 * Update: POT file

2015.12.10 - version 1.7.2
 * Fix: Important fix related to WordPress 4.4, in StoreApps Upgrade file

2015.08.13 - version 1.7.1
 * New: WooCommerce 2.4 compatible
 * Fix: Generating a new serial key for every completion of same order
 * Fix: Not generating a new serial key for previously created orders
 * Fix: Not showing count of remaining serial keys in email notification
 * Update: Updated POT file

2015.08.01 - version 1.7
 * New: Import CSV file containing predefined Serial Keys
 * New: Welcome Page
 * New: Text Domain & Language loader
 * Fix: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_status() on non-object

2015.02.20 - version 1.6
 * Update: WooCommerce 2.3 Compatible
 * Update: Made meta data protected which are added from Serial Key
 * Fix: Removed unnecessary warnings from 'Manage Serial Key' page

2015.01.02 - version 1.5
 * New: Easily generate serial key from within Order admin page, if not generated already
 * New: Update existing serial key from Order admin page

2014.11.10 - version 1.4.1
 * Fix: Error message on My Account & Order completed page when there is no serial key

2014.09.22 - version 1.4
 * Update: WooCommerce 2.2 Compatible
 * Fix: Minor fix related to Serial Key usage limit

2014.05.15 - version 1.3.4
 * Fix: Serial key validating for any sku

2014.04.16 - version 1.3.3
 * Update: Important update related to 'update notification' of the plugin

2014.04.10 - version 1.3.2
 * Fix: Minor fix related to non-generation of serial key

2014.04.04 - version 1.3.1
 * Fix: Important fix related to plugin updates

2014.03.18 - version 1.3
* New: Feature to track & limit serial key usage

2014.02.14 - version 1.2
* Update: WooCommerce 2.1 compatibility

2013.12.18 - version 1.1
* Update: Set expiry of Serial Key based on order completion date & product's download expiry setting

2013.10.30 - version 1.0
* First Release
WooCommerce Licensing & Serial Key
Includes one year support and upgrades.
Subsequent years at half price.
  • Personal (1 site)  $79.00
  • Professional (5 sites) $199.00  $149.00
  • Agency (25 sites) $299.00  $249.00

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