WooCommerce Serial Key & License Manager

Distribute and license your digital downloads easily

This WooCommerce license manager plugin will allow you to automatically issue, validate, control and manage unique license keys or serial keys for software, virtual and digital products.

Focus on building your product, not all the infrastructure!

License management for software, digital goods, downloadables and virtual products is a tough problem. You want to generate and sell serial keys, perform license validation from the user’s installation and control unauthorized usage. You also want to restrict features, control access and manage permissions.

Makers, designers and developers often end up creating complex license key systems. Users also have to save all these serial numbers and licenses safely, apply them correctly and reach out to you, if they lose them.

Your time is one of your most important assets. So if you build a license manager for WooCommerce solution yourself or if you are stuck with some complex system, you are wasting not only yours but also your customers’ valuable time.

Therefore, for all use cases of virtual and downloadable product distribution, software and memberships that require a unique key to identify a purchased license, this WooCommerce license manager plugin is the right business choice.

  • Automatic serial keys generation, issue and import

    WooCommerce license manager plugin automatically issues serial keys / licenses on product purchase. If you have pre-generated keys, you can import them with a CSV file as well.

  • Powerful access control

    Assign a unique serial key for each purchased product and set the expiry date, download limits and number of times the key can be used. Flexible licensing control means great control over the plans and pricing of your products!

  • Easy for customers – no more lost keys

    Distribute license keys in order confirmation email and show them with order information on the “My Account” page within WooCommerce. Customers also get a special page to self-manage usage of serial keys allotted to them.

  • Excellent API – easy to integrate

    Add license checks, validation and permission checks within your digital products. The plugin provides a simple yet powerful usage tracking and validation API. You can call this API from your software or any third party system for flexible integration.

  • Works with WooCommerce Subscriptions & other plugins

    Selling recurring subscriptions, memberships or other type of products? WooCommerce Serial Key plugin can issue a key code with any product, and is fully compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions – among others.

  • License dashboard for store owners

    As an admin, you can easily track every key’s status, edit license details, and manage license keys within orders.

“The easiest licensing API to integrate”

I’m so happy with StoreApps WooCommerce Serial Key plugin. I have been fighting with various other licensing APIs free & paid but this was the easiest one to integrate. Took me a whole 5 minutes to code the validation in Python for my desktop app.

Michael Ramsey review of WooCommerce License Manager and Serial Key plugin
Michael E. Ramsey
Wizard Assistant

Top benefits of using WooCommerce license manager plugin

Set usage limit, download limit and expiry date

Set different license expiry values for both simple and variable WooCommerce products. If you’ve set an expiry for the product (number of days or downloads), the license key will be rejected once the product access expires.

set serial key usage limit expiry date with WooCommerce product setup
Automatically issue serial keys with product purchase

License key delivery in ‘My Account’ and order confirmation email

The serial keys are included in the order confirmation email for easy reference. Customers can also view their license serial keys in their My Account > Downloads area. This is very handy if they misplace the Thank You email.

deliver license keys in my account and order email to customers using StoreApps' WooCommerce Serial Key plugin
Serial keys visible in My Account > Downloads

Generate multiple serial keys for multiple quantities of the same product

If your customer purchases five quantities of your software / digital product, the plugin will generate and issue five unique serial keys, one for each instance of the product!

Unique serial key per quantity of the product purchased
Unique serial key per quantity of the product purchased – can also manage them in WC Admin…

Add validation code in any software or app

This example shows serial key validation – internally the system uses a UUID to identify the user (which can be their email address, domain name, or anything else you choose). We have a simple HTTP based API integration so you can add the license validation function in any other system / software app. See our integration documentation for more.

StoreApps WooCommerce license manager plugin has strong validation API
Simple validation API – this example shows limit exceeded

Easy self-service license management for customers

Your customers can manage their licenses from WooCommerce’s ‘My Account’ area. For example, our plugins are licensed based on the number of sites. As licenses are validated, those sites will show up in license management area within the customer’s dashboard. If they wish, customers can remove some sites to stop using the plugin on an old site and activate it on a new site.

self service serial key management for WooCommerce license manager customers
Customers can view and manage serial keys from their purchases

Powerful license management for store owners – apply filters, bulk delete…

We’ve added features to WooCommerce so you can easily find serial keys and manage orders. You can search for a customer order using a serial key or update serial keys in an order. This will save you a ton of efforts!

powerful license serial key management software for WooCommerce
Find orders using serial keys, edit keys issued in an order and more…

You also get a dedicated dashboard to easily track every license key status, delete keys in bulk, apply search filters for managing keys and more.

dedicated dashboard to manage licenses and serial keys plugin for WooCommerce
Dedicated dashboard to manage serial keys

Not just for software – use this license generator software anytime you need to issue unique key codes with a product purchase / order completion

Sure, a lot of customers of our WooCommerce Serial Key plugin use it to distribute and manage licenses for their softwares – plugins, apps, desktop software, etc. But the plugin can be used for lots of difference scenarios – because it allows importing pre-generated codes and issuing them automatically.

  • Software licensing addon
  • Issue unique redemption codes with products
  • Assign serial keys to online courses
  • WordPress licensing – sell plugins/themes with serial keys (needs WooCommerce)
  • Provide partner issued codes, customers can redeem them on partner sites (like Groupon or AppSumo!!)
  • Bill your SaaS customers within WooCommerce, then validate keys in your app
  • Any other creative use you can imagine


Does the plugin work with variable products?
Yes. The plugin can assign license keys to individual product variations.

Can I sell my own license keys with this plugin?
Yes, the plugin allows you to import an existing list of license keys via the CSV file upload.

Can I use this plugin to provide a licensing system for my own software?
Of course! The plugin comes with a simple HTTP based API integration so that you can add the license validation function in any system / software app.