WooCommerce Autocomplete Virtual Orders

Autocomplete orders for WooCommerce virtual products

This WooCommerce autocomplete orders extension automatically marks virtual orders as ‘Completed’, saving you from tedious manual work.

Don’t spend your productive time switching WooCommerce orders from “Processing” to “Completed”

WooCommerce can automatically mark orders as complete if they only contain downloadable products. But if your order contains only virtual products, it leaves the order status as “processing” after the payment is received.

In a lot of situations, this is not the desired behavior. You’d need to manually mark each order as completed – and that’s too time-consuming. It gets worse when orders keep increasing.

We faced the same problem, so created this WooCommerce order status control extension to solve the problem.

  • Zero-configuration plugin

    Just install the plugin and it will start marking orders (free and paid) as completed, instead of processing for virtual or downloadable products.

  • Works with WooCommerce Subscriptions

    The plugin also marks orders for virtual products created using WooCommerce Subscriptions as completed.

You never have to manually review and complete that order processing task for virtual products again. So get this WooCommerce Autocomplete Orders plugin today and save your productive time!

Want to bulk edit orders – status, payment methods, etc?

(that too using search filters and within minutes?)