Affiliate marketing assets

Help affiliates promote you better

Set up affiliate marketing campaigns and add marketing assets your affiliates can use to promote your products or services. Images, videos, case studies, white paper, swipe files, email copies, QR codes; add any promotional materials or marketing creatives.

affiliate marketing campaign creation

Maintain your brand consistency

Have more control over what’s shared

Your affiliate marketing program success rests on your marketing assets. If your affiliates create promotional materials from scratch, it will be basic, a waste of time and mostly not align with your brand.

With the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin, you can create unlimited creatives or campaigns and add any marketing assets to it. Your affiliates can pick them up and promote on socials or blogs or other marketing channels.

This helps you promote the right assets to maintain your brand consistency, tell your message clear and increase conversions from quality traffic with those appealing visuals.

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How to create and share marketing assets campaigns

The Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin provides your familiar WordPress editor. So you can easily add the required promotional materials quickly, set the required campaign details and share them with your affiliates.

Create and manage unlimited campaigns

Activate the plugin and it will automatically create three ready-to-get-started campaigns.

Add more campaigns or edit existing campaigns to suit your requirements from here. Marketing assets management made simple!

Enter campaign title for each affiliate marketing campaign. Set UTM parameters, destination link where your affiliates’ audience will land, like the product landing page and set visibility restrictions.

You then have to enter some details about your campaign as to what it is about and finally, add the digital marketing assets to it – descriptions, banners, swipe files, videos, external links, etc.

Use the Active/Draft status to show/hide your campaign to affiliates respectively.

readymade affiliate marketing campaigns list
marketing assets banners and logos in the campaign

Add any marketing asset type for better conversions

What’s your affiliate marketing strategy – Create a landing page for a new product launch? Add product demo videos? Design an email sequence?

Whatever it is, you have full flexibility to add the appropriate digital marketing assets to your marketing campaigns.

Here’s how these marketing assets can help affiliates better advertise your brand:

  • Affiliate terms and conditions – explain how to promote using affiliate links or coupons, locate products, payout frequency, etc.
  • Brand logo and guidelines – promotion via blog posts or emails.
  • Images, demo videos – describe your product, highlight the features and benefits.
  • Landing pages, docs – product benefits and how-tos.
  • Swipe files, PDFs, and ebooks – giveaways, building product pages and email marketing.
  • Marketing collateral/sheets – promoting top-selling products and brand building.
  • Audio files, PPTs, videos – promoting courses, music albums, podcasts.
  • Banners – for Black Friday or Christmas sales.
  • Reels and memes – for Instagram and other social channels.
  • QR codes – online promotion at physical events or meetups.

There are endless possibilities…

Restrict campaigns by affiliates or groups

The Visibility feature in the Campaign editor enables you to limit campaign access to designated affiliates or affiliate groups via affiliate tags.

Simply input the affiliate’s name, email address, or affiliate tag to grant exclusive access to your campaigns and assets.

Once visibility is set, only the chosen affiliates or those associated with the specified affiliate tags can view the campaign.

restrict marketing campaign by affiliate and affiliate group
marketing campaign slug with utm for tracking

Track each campaigns performance

Append a UTM parameter to the affiliate referral URL in the Slug field to track its performance in your Google Analytics dashboard and refine your marketing strategies.

Assets for affiliates in their My Account

Once your campaigns are live, the desired affiliates (based on Visibility restrictions) can access them via their My Account > Affiliate > Campaigns tab.

Clicking on a campaign will reveal a slide-over panel displaying all campaign details, including added marketing materials. Your affiliates can simply use these materials across their various promotional channels.

Additionally, you can notify your affiliates via email when a campaign is ready. However, you’ll need to handle this communication independently.

Learn more in this marketing campaigns documentation.

email marketing assets campaign for affiliate in their my account

Manage everything from one place

No technical jargons, no switching to multiple dashboards. Whether it’s tracking referrals, setting up flexible commission plans, launching marketing campaigns, or processing payouts, do it all from a single screen using the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin.

Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin dashboard


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