Cashier – WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor and Manager

Clean and simple checkout for your users

Best checkout field editor for WooCommerce plugin to edit/add/remove core WooCommerce fields and also add custom fields for an optimized and quick checkout.

cashier checkout field editor for WooCommerce plugin

Your smart WooCommerce checkout manager

Stay in control of your checkout

Show only what is required on your WooCommerce checkout page, and customers will be obliged to place the order.

Cashier – checkout field editor for WooCommerce plugin enables you to edit the default checkout fields and also add new custom fields in the three sections – Billing, Shipping and Additional (next to order notes).

You can enable, disable, edit and remove the default checkout fields; validate them, rearrange them, change labels, reset to defaults and also add custom CSS classes…all these with an easy and user-friendly interface, without writing any code.

  • No setup or configuration

    Enable/disable checkout field editor for WooCommerce plugin enhancement as and when you like, using a toggle.

  • Custom field types

    Add custom fields to your WooCommerce checkout form for vital customer data, enabling insights and personalized marketing.

  • Reduce cart abandonment

    Show only the required fields customers need to input, making it a faster checkout process, leading to more conversions.

  • Personalized checkout

    Adjust fields to match your brand identity and product offerings, strengthening brand recognition and fostering customer trust.

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Flexible checkout field editor for WooCommerce plugin

Cashier is a flexible checkout field editor plugin. It allows you to modify the checkout page based on specific needs, whether it’s collecting essential details like Tax ID or excluding shipping details for digital products. This customization simplifies the checkout process for a seamless customer experience.

Eight custom checkout field types

  • Text – standard text input
  • Password – password text input
  • Email – email text input
  • Phone – number input
  • Select – dropdown/select box, only one option can be selected.
  • Multiselect – multi-select box, multiple options can be selected.
  • Textarea – textarea field
  • Radio – set of radio inputs, requires options set
cashier custom checkout field types
custom field gst vat at checkout

Add new custom checkout fields

Collect necessary buyer information by customizing default fields or adding new custom fields to WooCommerce checkout page.

Easily edit, enable, disable, and rearrange default checkout fields in a user-friendly interface.

>You can add new custom fields for the billing, shipping and additional fields sections respectively.

For instance, enable but don’t make the GST/VAT details required for business owner customers.

Edit core checkout fields and new custom fields

Cashier provides an Edit button to edit core fields and the custom fields for the billing, shipping and additional fields sections.

Edit type, name, placeholder, enable/disable and other details as required, and save your changes.

You can also rearrange the fields by simply dragging the fields up and down.

View Cashier WooCommerce checkout field editor plugin documentation.

edit core WooCommerce checkout fields
cashier disable core checkout fields

Enable/disable/remove core and custom fields checkout

Use the checkbox to select the fields you want to disable, and click on the Disable button.

The disabled fields will be grayed out with the tick mark. You can enable them again by clicking on the ‘Enable’ button.

To remove any field, use the checkbox to select the field and click on the Remove button.

To reset the fields to default, click on the ‘Reset to default’ button.

Save $600+

All the checkout optimizations in one plugin

Along with checkout field editor, you get WooCommerce one page checkout, WooCommerce direct checkout, WooCommerce Buy Now buttons, related product recommendations, add to cart redirect, and more enhancements.

Cashier stands as the exclusive solution, offering all these checkout optimizations in a single plugin.

Cashier settings

Cashier Pricing

It’s worth your time and investment

Skip individual plugin setup hassles and lengthy support processes. Switch to Cashier today and get free from frustration and expensive plugins.

Single Site

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What is WooCommerce checkout shortcode?

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What are WooCommerce checkout hooks?

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How to edit the WooCommerce cart page?

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