Introduction & Getting Started

Custom Thank You Pages Per Product for WooCommerce is simple to use plugin for your WooCommerce store. This WooCommerce plugin allows you to redirect your customers to any URL once the customer hits checkout.

BY DEFAULT, WooCommerce shows you a common Thank you page which only has the order details displayed on it. But by using WooCommerce Custom Thank you page you can redirect the customer to the url of your choice and show them any page you wish to.

Feature Highlights

  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. Applicable for simple, variable, subscription and virtual/downloadable products
  3. Can add redirect URL for per product
  4. Can redirect to any URL including WordPress Page/Post
  5. Shortcode [sa-wc-ctp-order-details] to display order details on the redirected page if the redirect URL is a WordPress Page
  6. Can create upsells, downsells using Smart Offers on the redirected WordPress page

Some ideas where you can redirect your customers after checkout

  1. To the documentation page of the product purchased
  2. To your social media pages eg. facebook,twitter,youtube etc
  3. You can add affiliate product links on the redirected WordPress page
  4. Create amazing upsells using Smart Offers and redirect user to the Page having offers
  5. Redirect customers to your newsletter subscription form
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