Custom Thank You Page For WooCommerce

Turn one-time buyers into repeat customers

Make more money using our WooCommerce Thank You Page plugin. Customize the order received page to show upsells, related products, coupons, video messages, social media buttons, redirect links, etc. without coding. Kickstart great relationships with customers.

Convert your WooCommerce thank you page into a powerful marketing tool

The default WooCommerce thank you page / WooCommerce order confirmation page is plain and dry. “Thank you for your order” or “Thank you. Your order has been placed” is what you read and some order details. That’s it.

You can’t upsell products, build a list or add some offers. So customers come to this page, face a dead end and leave the site. Or struggle to find what to do next.

Look, your customers have just purchased something from you, giving you their hard-earned money and more importantly, their trust. Therefore, this is the best time to use that feeling and interest for good.

And how to do that without customers encountering a roadblock? Using StoreApps’ WooCommerce thank you page plugin.

Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce plugin allows you to customize the default thank you page and redirect your customers to any URL once the customer hits checkout. Thus turning the default WooCommerce order received page into a powerful marketing tool.

  • Enable custom thank you page storewide

    Set a default WooCommerce custom thank you page for all products on your store.

  • Enable custom thank you page per product

    Set WooCommerce custom thank you page per product. Applicable for simple, variable, subscription and virtual/downloadable products.

  • Readymade custom thank you page templates

    Four readymade and high converting thank you page templates (styles) designed for you. So you can get started quickly.

  • Redirect users after checkout to any page

    Redirect users after purchase/payment to affiliate links, third-party links or resources. Use the shortcode to display order details on the redirected page if the redirect URL is a WordPress page.

  • Customize using page builders, themes…

    Use your favorite page builder, your favorite theme, shortcodes, embed other plugins and customize your thank you page the way you want.

  • Upsells, coupons, email list…

    Show offers, build lists, collect feedback, whatever you want to do…you can do easily using the custom thank you page plugin.

“Solved everything!”

I searched for many plugins, but every time there were too many options without a very simple and clear one, that is having just a thank you page created by me, without any predefined layout. This is where the StoreApps Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce plugin solved everything.

– Marcello Chiapponi

Customized WooCommerce thank you page is a goldmine…18 ideas to mine that gold

Using Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce plugin, you can designate your own order complete, thank you pages. This allows you to provide clear calls to action, take away concerns, build relationships and sell more. A big transformation. Here are some ideas!

    • Offer a warm welcome to your tribe / community
    • Ditch buyer’s remorse with testimonials
    • Show a “quick start guide” or documentation links
    • Give away something for free
    • Add a newsletter subscription to build list
    • Display a map of their delivery location to build confidence
    • Establish a relationship with a video message
    • Onboard users to your product
    • Show product recommendations to increase sales – aka “You may like these too” or “Customers who bought this item also bought”.
    • Give a discount coupon or store credit to encourage next purchase using Smart Coupons
    • Grow social media fans with like / share buttons
    • Show upsells and cross-sells
    • Show recently viewed products
    • Use WordPress shortcodes to embed any other content
    • Make a time-bound special offer – with Smart Offers or other plugins
    • Build a human connection with your / team photos
    • Collect feedback with surveys
    • Promote a cause – ask them to contribute to a non-profit you support
  • buy now workflow
    Customized WooCommerce Thank You Pages examples

    You get the picture…you can designate any page as order complete page with this plugin, and can have different thank you pages for different products. In short, you can design an optimal experience for your customers.

Simple setup, no coding required

To create a custom thank you page, all you need is two follow these two simple steps:

Step 1: Design your thank you pages with Elementor, Astra…

Use your favorite page builder, your favorite theme, shortcodes, embed other plugins – create a page with WordPress and design it the way you like.

If you need, paste our shortcode anywhere on the page to show order details.

Once the thank you page is done, you are ready for the next step.

Why we don’t give a drag and drop / component-based interface to design thank you pages?
This is to give you full control over what to show on the order thank you page. Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce plugin can use any WordPress page as a thank you page.

Step 2: Set a custom thank you page per product or sitewide

Link thank you page with the store or individual products. If the order contains only one product, that product’s thank you page will show up. Otherwise storewide thank you page will show up.

That’s it. Go live with your page. Measure results and keep revising your thank you pages for even better impact.

setting up storewide thank you page
set up a storewide thank you page
Custom thank you page per product for WooCommerce
Set up a custom thank you page per product for WooCommerce

Feel free to copy these psychological triggers on your WooCommerce order received page to delight customers

  • Acknowledge and deepen trust

    Appreciate customer for their order – use your picture to build trust – or even a video. Then show order confirmation and shipping estimate if possible. Let them know your team is available for help, and reiterate your return/refund policy.

  • Provide help

    What do you want them to do after buying? Provide a big button for that action. You can take them to their My Account page or documentation, ask them to continue shopping or recommend the product to their friends…

  • Onboard users

    What do they do with your product after purchase? Provide documentation or video onboarding. Take them to their dashboard and help them get started instantly.

  • Grow your list

    Show a newsletter subscription form and invite customers to join your mailing list. Use our WordPress plugins – Icegram, Email Subscribers and Rainmaker plugins to do this.

  • Run a giveaway

    Instead of selling, give something away for free. A small product, a store credit for next purchase, a personalized thank you note, a bonus for something they purchased. Take every opportunity for customer delight.

  • Build relationship

    Show them your human side – show a team picture, something personal. Share a story. Something that will establish a human, personal connection and strengthen your relationship.

  • Offer + Discount

    Show a time-bound special offer and give a discount code on a product they are likely to purchase. Or even a storewide discount. Scarcity and discounts together are highly likely to trigger additional purchases.

  • Collect feedback

    Take a survey – collect feedback about your business, product or service. Or even customers’ businesses, preferences or goals. This will help you know your customers better and gain valuable insights.

  • Promote a cause / affiliate products / third party resource

    How about asking them to join a social / non-profit cause? Or taking them to some affiliated products and making a commission? Or some third party/your own resource?

  • Grow social media followers

    Show your social media links and invite them to follow you. Or share their product purchase with their friends. Run a social media campaign where they win a coupon or discount for sharing.

There are many things you can do on your order received page. You can fully customize the design, embed shortcodes from any WordPress or WooCommerce plugins, and generally do anything that you can do with a standard page! Any customization will be a step forward in building a better customer relationship.

*The above-mentioned triggers might require the use of other plugins along with the Custom Thank You Page plugin.

Show upsells,cross-sells and other offers on the custom thank you page and boost sales

Redirect after checkout to a thank you page that shows upsells or cross-sell offers to users, significantly increasing your chances of making more sales.

You can easily configure our plugin Smart Offers to show different types of offers on the custom thank you page of your WooCommerce store. Offer AirPods on purchase of iPhone 14 or show a BOGO offer for T-shirts.

show Special offers using Smart Offers on WooCommerce
show Special offers using Smart Offers on WooCommerce

Don’t let money and opportunities slip through your fingers

Look, your current WooCommerce thank you pages are mere order receipts and dead-ends. You don’t want your customers to face that. Right?

So Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce plugin is your best bet to grab more sales and get repeat orders on autopilot. It’s simple to use and gives game-changing results.

Last but not the least, it’s an investment that gives returns for a lifetime. So go ahead and get this WooCommerce thank you page plugin license today. You won’t be disappointed!

Boost sales with WooCommerce one-click upsells

Use our Smart Offers plugin to set-up one-click upsell offers on your store. Faster checkout, sales funnels, better customer experience…that’s what this plugin deliver seamlessly.


How do I add a generic thank you page(custom one) in WooCommerce?
You can configure the custom thank you page URL in the WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced tab. This will be the default or generic custom thank you page for all products.

How to customize WooCommerce thank you page with code?
We do not recommend using code as dealing with PHP functions could be difficult. A single character in the code can create tons of errors and fixing it is another headache. So better to use the plugin. If you still want to customize with code, refer to this blog

How to show order details on custom thank you pages?
You can show order details using a shortcode.

Can I show a custom thank you page for product variations and categories?
Not currently. But support for variation and category level thank you pages are coming soon. We have plenty of other features lined up on our road map!

Can I have an external link as my custom thank you page URL?
Yes, you can also set an external link as your thank you page URL.

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